Weekly commodity price report

Here are the market prices of various types of commodity plastics PE-LD, PE-HD, PP and PS in Central and Eastern Europe with a delay of 5 weeks. The data was processed by our partner myCEPPI.
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Prices for this week 35/2020

The market expects unchanged prices in September

The prices of “commodity” polymers were affected by the following factors last week:

  • BRENT oil price 45.05 USD/barrel, slowly rising oil prices
  • EUR/USD: 1.1905, slowly but steadily weakening dollar
  • NAPHTHA (European) 381.15 USD/t, stagnant prices
  • Ongoing maintenance:
    • MOL Petrochemical (Tiszaújváros). It will restart in September.
    • Unipetrol Litvinov PE3 (HDPE) is down.
  • Slowly strengthening demand, smaller forward purchases last week.
  • Market expectations point to a September price roll-over for both PE, PP and PS.
  • Hurricane season in the United States

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HDPE blow molding0 € / t
HDPE film0 € / t
HDPE injection molding0 € / t
HDPE pipe (100)0 € / t
LDPE film0 € / t
LDPE general purpose0 € / t
PP co-polymer injection molding0 € / t
PP homo-polymer fiber0 € / t
PP homo-polymer injection molding0 € / t
PPR0 € / t
GPPS0 € / t
HIPS0 € / t
EPS0 € / t

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