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Company Description

Slovnaft is an integrated refinery and petrochemical companies. In the petrochemical segment of society it is among the activities of production and distribution of polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP), and other distribution HDPE. Petrochemical part of Slovnaft Petrochemicals division belongs to the MOL Group. Part of this division is also the producer of polyolefins Hungarian company MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.

Slovnaft strives for the satisfaction of needs of customers polymers not only domestically, but from Slovnaft petrochemical products are available in all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Slovnaft aim is to create quality partnerships and gain a stable supply position.

MOL Group Downstream Division, which includes the Slovnaft Petrochemicals, has its own sales office in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Italy and Germany.


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001

Range of products / Services


BRALEN is a trade name for low-density polyethylene (LDPE) of SLOVNAFT, a.s. which is produced by high pressure polymerization of ethylene in ICI autoclave reactor. Its excellent physical and mechanical properties provide a wide range of application versatility.

BRALEN is a tough and flexible polymer stable within a temperature range of between -50ËšC to +85ËšC, and is stable against non-oxidizing acids, bases, salts and their solutions. The production range includes grades for all processing technology.

BRALEN is a registered trademark for low density polyethylene, manufactured by SLOVNAFT, a.s. in a tubular reactor by the LYONDELLBASELL process in a density range of 0.920-0.933 g / cm3.


Tipolen is the trade mark of the low density polyethylene grades manufactured by Tisza Chemical Group Public Limited Company (MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.), Tiszaújváros.

Low density polyethylene grades (LDPE) are produced by high pressure polymerisation in BASF tube reactors. Density range: 0.920-0.923 g/cm3


Tipelin is a registered trade mark for medium and high density polyethylene grades manufactured by MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.

TVK unimodal medium and high density TIPELIN grades (MDPE and HDPE) are produced by continuous suspension polymerization using low pressure catalytic process under licence of Phillips Petroleum Co. The density range of co-polymers produced with hexene-1 co-monomer grades is 0.934-0.955 g/cm3.

The bimodal high density TIPELIN types are produced by CX Process under licence of Mitsui. This slurry phase polymerization employing a super-high-activity catalyst and a two-reactor system. The density range of co-polymer grades produced with butene-1 co-monomer is 0.955-0.961 g/cm3.)


SLOVNAFT, a.s. has a long-term experience with production of polypropylene, under the name TATREN. The product portfolio includes PP homopolymer, PP impact copolymer, PP random copolymer and thermoplastic olefine (TPO) types.


Tipplen is the registered trade mark for isotactic polypropylene produced by the Polymer Business Unit of MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.Our products mix includes homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers with the exception of terpolymers.


 LDPE2 - a new line for the production of low density polyethylene

Slovnaft launches a modern line
for the production of low density polyethylene in a tubular reactor in Licenziati LyondellBasell in 2016. It is the largest current investment in the production of plastics in Central Europe. The total investment will exceed 300 million euros. Slovnaft and MOL Group invested this amount of own and credit resources.

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