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ISO 9001 - Quality management systems

The quality management systems is a standard that focuses on process management of the company, meet the requirements of the customer, ensuring specified parameters, provision and management of suppliers so as to ensure that input will be of the required quality.

The term process management, respectively. processes can be understood in all the activities, which make up the functioning of the entire company (purchasing, management, document and records management, personnel management, metrology, manufacture, inspection and maintenance of machinery, occupational health and safety management, etc.).

When we say that the process we make with a controlled manner means that we eliminate the chance of potential errors and  shortcomings in these processes. The idea of standards is therefore in process control in such a way that results are in the maximum customer satisfaction.

The standard is  very compatible and variable, so it is possible to implement it (introduce) for any type of organization (production, service provision, commerce, etc.). In production is most important to know traceability of the product itself, from initial customer requirements through the purchase of goods from a supplier, receiving goods from a supplier, placing, removal, entering into production, the actual movement of goods / product after manufacture, inspection required parameters of the product, packing and preparing for shipping, delivery to the customer, billing and after its screening of satisfaction.

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  • CZFP s.r.o.

    CZFP s.r.o.

    The supplier of engineering plastics, hot melt adhesives and industrial chemicals

  • DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

    DESMA Slovakia, s.r.o.

    DESMA offers injection moulding machines, periphery, moulds and automation systems, Cold Runners, Service.

  • DLplast, s.r.o.

    DLplast, s.r.o.

    Production of hoses, PVC Blend and granules, processiong plastic waste.

  • DREKOMA s.r.o.

    DREKOMA s.r.o.

    Humidification and measuring technology. Exclusive representative of MERLIN - TECHNOLOGY GmBH on CZ and SK markets

  • ECO – F a. s.

    ECO – F a. s.

    We offer a comprehensive solution in the collection, sorting, recovery and disposal of plastic waste



    We supply standard parts for press tools, injection molds and other accessories.

  • Ensinger s.r.o.

    Ensinger s.r.o.

    Production and sales of engineering plastics. Plastic semi-finished products: bars, tubes and plates. Blasting and CNC machining.

  • ERIKS s.r.o.

    ERIKS s.r.o.

    Technical Indistrial Distribution – Leading European Distributor More info: a

  • ESOS Ostrava, s.r.o.

    ESOS Ostrava, s.r.o.

    Failure-free operation for machinery and devices in various branches of activity. Total reliability of machinery and devices.

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