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Sunday 22.09.2019

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    ESTLAB develops, produces, and markets under the brand name ESTTHERM™ hot runner temperature control systems, nozzles, heaters and air valves for the manufacturing of plastic products.

  • BITO - Skladovacia technika s.r.o.

    BITO - Skladovacia technika s.r.o.

    We specialize in the area of storage facilities and equipment logistics and brokerage centers - static and dynamic shelving systems, platforms and multi-storey rack equipment, plastic crates...

  • PLASTECH, s.r.o.

    PLASTECH, s.r.o.

    Manufacture and sale of technical hoses for various industries.

  • TRUSTACOM, s.r.o.

    TRUSTACOM, s.r.o.

    Production of injection and blow molds, injection moldings in miniature technical volume 15 cm3 BABYPLAST for injection molding, sales tempered

  • OSMOS s.r.o.

    OSMOS s.r.o.

    Design, analysis & manufacturing services for plastic parts producers.

    • www.osmos.sk
    • Gogo¾ova 18, Priemyselné centrum Hydronika, Bratislava



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