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Saturday 17.08.2019

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  • Linde Gas a.s.

    Linde Gas a.s.

    Manufacture and sale of technical gases, providing comprehensive solutions, professional inspections, repairs and maintenance of pressure equipment. Plastics processing. Industrial cleaning - dry ice blasting.

  • Ram-Kor Plaszt BT.

    Ram-Kor Plaszt BT.

    Processing of plastic waste, purchase plastic raw materials and waste recovery.

  • CZ PLAST s.r.o.

    CZ PLAST s.r.o.

    Rotary molding plastics, comprehensive services for the supply of plastic parts produced by rotational molding technology, sewer manholes, water meter pits, storage pits.

  • REKUPLAST s.r.o.

    REKUPLAST s.r.o.

    Recycling of industrial plastic waste, grinding plastics, sale of plastic regrinds.

  • fortell s.r.o.

    fortell s.r.o.

    Plastic moulding of plastic parts, stamping of metal, manufacturiong of injection moulds for plastic.



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