Companies in Business Directary

  • Puruplast, a.s.

    Puruplast, a.s.

    Collection and recycling of plastics, manufacture and sale of plastic materials and products: tiles, bricks, composters, granulate, agglomerate, regrind.

  • SOLLAU CZ s. r. o.

    SOLLAU CZ s. r. o.

    Purchase and sale of plastic crumbs and regranulates, magnets and magnetic separators, metal part separators, recycled, plastic regranulate, regenerated plastic.

  • Terier s.r.o.

    Terier s.r.o.

    Plastic crushers, plastic crusher, knife mill, tire crushers, rubbers, recycling technologies for plastics, recycling of PET bottles, solid waste processing lines.

  • SK-FOTOS s.r.o.

    SK-FOTOS s.r.o.

    Plastic injection, plastic blowing, technical moldings for railways and electrical industry, plastic molding, insulation dowels, lights.

  • TD-IS, s.r.o.

    TD-IS, s.r.o.

    Prototyping, simulation, analysis, plastic injection simulation, Autodesk Moldflow simulation software, CAD / CAM for mold production, CAD / CAM engineering and design services.

New companies in Business Directory

  • JKZ Bučovice, a. s.

    JKZ Bučovice, a. s.

    Tool steel, mold steel, injection mold steel, CNC metal machining, standardized parts, mold components.

  • SK PRODUKT CERT s.r.o.

    SK PRODUKT CERT s.r.o.

    Accredited certification body, certification of plastic products and plastics intended for contact with drinking water, certification of plastic products and plastic composites.

  • TICHELMANN SK, s.r.o.

    TICHELMANN SK, s.r.o.

    Stretch film, production and sale of stretch film, HDPE film, LDPE film, PP binding tapes, PP twine, packaging machines, packaging technology, adhesive tapes.

  • TG – Toman Group spol s r.o.

    TG – Toman Group spol s r.o.

    Komplexné technologické riešenia na mieru, adiabatické chladenie, poradenská, montážna, inštalačná a servisná činnosť so zameraním predovšetkým na väčšie či menšie technologické celky.



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