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Sunday 21.04.2019

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  • voestalpine High Performance Metals Slovakia, s.r.o.

    voestalpine High Performance Metals Slovakia, s.r.o.

    Market leader for special steels, tool steels and other value-added services such as heat treatment and PVD coating.

  • LAMINOV s.r.o.

    LAMINOV s.r.o.

    Purchase, removal, sorting and processing of plastic waste into grit. Recycling of plastic waste from the automotive, pharmaceutical and electrotechnical industries.

    • Boženy Nemcovej 414/77, Zemianske Kostoľany
  • Piovan


    It manufactures a complete range of peripherals for plastics production: intake and storage systems for granulate, drying systems, crystallizers, mold dryers, volumetric and gravimetric dispensers, waste mills...

  • POPGRO s.r.o.

    POPGRO s.r.o.

    Cleaning granulates for the plastics industry, granulate dryers, conveyor belts, gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems.

  • Grolman s.r.o.

    Grolman s.r.o.

    Distribution of fillers, pigments, binders and additives to plastics



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