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  • WITECH PLAST s.r.o.

    WITECH PLAST s.r.o.

    Plastic welding technology, plastic butt welding, polyfusion, electrofusion welding of plastics by additive materials, friction, infrared, induction, ultrasonic, foil welding, etc. Tools and accessories.

  • Ulstrup Plast s.r.o.

    Ulstrup Plast s.r.o.

    Injection moulding, ultrasonic welding and assembly, mold production, new projects support from mold manufacturing to validation.

  • PWTT Poľsko

    PWTT Poľsko

    Purchase and sale of plastic waste, plastic regrind, plastic regenerate, plastic waste, purchase, sale, sale of plastic regrind, regranulates.

  • Puruplast, a.s.

    Puruplast, a.s.

    Collection and recycling of plastics, manufacture and sale of plastic materials and products: tiles, bricks, composters, granulate, agglomerate, regrind.

  • Greentech Slovakia s.r.o.

    Greentech Slovakia s.r.o.

    Collection and pressing of plastic materials - PET, LDPE, HDPE, recycling of plastics, collection and purchase of waste plastics, foils, recycling of PET bottles.

New companies in Business Directory

  • W-service, spol. s r.o.

    W-service, spol. s r.o.

    Service of injection molding machines, service of hydraulic equipment, maintenance and modification of injection molding machines, service of tools and machinery.

  • J.P.Plast Slovakia s.r.o.

    J.P.Plast Slovakia s.r.o.

    Manufacturing company focusing on the production of plastic packaging and plastic technical parts.

  • Poliamid Plastics s.c.

    Poliamid Plastics s.c.

    Injection molding of plastics for the automotive industry, caps and plugs for industry, connecting rings, pipe covers, production of injection molds, repairs and modernizations.

  • ORLEN Unipetrol RPA

    ORLEN Unipetrol RPA

    Leading Czech producer of refinery, petrochemical and agrochemical raw materials (high pressure polyethylene, polypropylene).



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