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    • PP TD15 black regranulate

      For Sale : PP TD15 black regranulate

      • 08.12.2022
      • ID: 202216325

      PP TD15 black regranulate (22 ton); MFI=12-15 (2,16kg; 230°C)
      Material is post production - Automotiv
      PRICE: 890,-EUR/t (EXW JICIN 506 01)

    • ABS black regranulate

      For Sale : ABS black regranulate

      • 08.12.2022
      • ID: 202216324

      ABS black regranulate (on stock 18 ton); MFI=4-8 (5kg; 230°C)
      Material is post production - Automotiv
      PRICE: 950,-EUR/t (EXW JICIN 506 01)

    • PP, MOPLEN HP501H, natur

      For Sale : PP, MOPLEN HP501H, natur

      • 08.12.2022
      • ID: 202216322

      We offer to sell MOPLEN HP501H, natur, 1375 kg, in origin package. Certifcate of production 2022 On stock in Hulín/CZ. Possible to deliver via our van Price: 1,45€ / kg

    • Plastic waste PET CF 30

      For Sale : Plastic waste PET CF 30

      • 07.12.2022
      • ID: 202216321

      I offer 15 tons of PET CF 30 plastic crumb in a 10 mm fraction of black crumb.
      Phone: +420 776 187 668
      Jiří Švarc

    • Knife mill Dreher 26/41

      For Sale : Knife mill Dreher 26/41

      • 05.12.2022
      • ID: 202216320

      I am selling a DREHER 27/41 knife mill, power 15 kw.
      The machine is suitable for crushing plastics or wood.
      The mill has a new spare set of knives.
      The mill has a soundproof version.
      The machine is in very good condition.
      The width of the chamber is 400 mm.

    • Regrind PP, HDPE, LDPE, PMMA

      For Sale : Regrind PP, HDPE, LDPE, PMMA

      • 05.12.2022
      • ID: 202216315

      Contact us for:
      HDPE 50 pressed crushed stone
      Mixed grits
      PMMA acrylic sheets scrap
      LDPE foil 98-2
      PP jumbo bag in packages
      HDPE milk bottles packed

    • HOSTACOM PPU X9067HS C11306 SATEN black 9B9

      For Sale : HOSTACOM PPU X9067HS C11306 SATEN black 9B9

      • 05.12.2022
      • ID: 202216314

      We offer for sale HOSTACOM PPU X9067HS C11306 SATEN BLACK 9B9

    • Black PP regranulate, MFI 11

      For Sale : Black PP regranulate, MFI 11

      • 01.12.2022
      • ID: 202216312

      H&Z Technology deals with the recycling of plastics PP and many more. Our domain is the production of regranulates. But we are also selling an original granulates from the CHIMEI company and SVG company. We will be happy to cooperate with Your company. If interested, I will send you all the details, please do not hesitate to contact me. Our PP is made from big bags, and it is a very good quality! We are also interested with buying of all the plastic waste.

    • PA 6

      For Sale : PA 6

      • 01.12.2022
      • ID: 202216310

      We offer pellets PA 6

    • PMMA

      For Sale : PMMA

      • 01.12.2022
      • ID: 202216309

      We offer PMMA regrinds or cuts off from post production. All colors, contact us for more details

    • PP, ABS, PSH, PPEPDM regranulates

      For Sale : PP, ABS, PSH, PPEPDM regranulates

      • 29.11.2022
      • ID: 202216308

      We offer black regranulates:
      ABS (mfi= 4-8 (5kg)) 22 tons = 22BB
      PP TD15 (mfi = 12-15) 44 tons = 40BB
      PSH (mfi = 4-6) 22 tons = 20BB
      PP (mfi = 2.5-4) 2.5 tons = 6BB
      PP/EPDM (mfi = 10-11) 4 tons = 4BB
      Origin of everything = Automotive

    • PC waste

      For Sale : PC waste

      • 29.11.2022
      • ID: 202216307

      Sorted out from material packages, mostly roof boards etc. Polycarbonate..... +-70t

    • CaCO3 powder

      For Sale : CaCO3 powder

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216305

      CaCO3 powder
      • CaCO3 min. 99%
      • high whiteness
      • very fine
      • highly dispersed we will send free sample Can be dosed from 10 up to 60%.
      • suitable for - pipes, window profiles, PVC floor tiles, PVC foil , PE .
      Contact us for more information.

    • Filler masterbatch

      For Sale : Filler masterbatch

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216304

      Filler masterbatch of high whiteness improving processing, increases toughness reducing the final price of the product. Can be dosed from 10 up to 60%. We will send free samples. containing 80% of the whitest and very fine calcium carbonate and LLDPE virgin base compatible with LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP .Contact us for more information.

    • Color Masterbatches

      For Sale : Color Masterbatches

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216303

      • for blowing, foil blowing, injection, hot forming
      • provide any desired shade, increase brightness and shine
      • contain TiO2 Pigment, resin, additives
      • suitable for PE and PP plastics
      • minimum consumption from 25 kg
      • we will send samples for free
      • delivery immediately
      • recommended dosage from 1 to 2%
      • prices according to the required pigment
      For more information, visit

    • Moisture absorber 25t

      For Sale : Moisture absorber 25t

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216302

      • removes moisture during plastic processing - HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS
      • 50% CaO, 50% additive, very effective. Also for very thin films (10 microns)
      • minimum order from 25 kg
      • we will send samples for free
      • delivery immediately
      • recommended dosage from 1 to 2%
      For more information, visit

    • ABS profile

      For Sale : ABS profile

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216301

      I offer ABS profile. Tech. production waste.

    • LDPE film, HDPE, PP big bags, TPO bumper, PMMA offcut

      For Sale : LDPE film, HDPE, PP big bags, TPO bumper, PMMA offcut

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216300

      Contact us for LDPE film bales and rolls, HDPE Milk bottles, PP big bags, TPO bumper and PMMA offcut

    • OKS 1511 price 3.99 euros / pc

      For Sale : OKS 1511 price 3.99 euros / pc

      • 28.11.2022
      • ID: 202216298

      Separating agent, silicone-free, spray

      Areas of use:
      Release agent for mold separation intended for the general area of plastics processing, if further adhesion-dependent processing follows, requiring the use of a silicone-free release agent. Separating agent for electric welding and welding in a protective atmosphere. As a sprayed medium to extend the life of welding nozzles and to maintain free nozzle openings in automatic welding aggregates. As protection of the workpiece against the formation of baked-on deposits and the caking of spatter during welding.

      Advantages and benefits:
      Silicone-free separating agent with highly effective ingredients based on renewable raw materials. It prevented spatter caking during welding on the torch head, workpieces and robots and increases the lifetime of the torches. Creates a uniform, thin, almost dry film, prevents the formation of pores. Allows quick replacement and cleaning of nozzles. Easily washable with OKS 2650. After previous degreasing, problem-free possibility of subsequent repainting, plating and printing.

      The use:
      To ensure an optimal effect, clean the workpieces and protected surfaces from possible contamination. Shake the can before use. Spray the product evenly in a thin layer from a distance of approx. 20 to 30 cm for protected objects. Ensure adequate ventilation. During further processing of workpieces, for example, by means of galvanization, hot-dip galvanizing, painting, etc. it is recommended to take a test beforehand. In case of further questions, our application technician is at your disposal.

    • Black granulate PPT20 homo - WPP PP PPH5TF2

      For Sale : Black granulate PPT20 homo - WPP PP PPH5TF2

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216296

      We offer approx. 21 t of black granulate PPT20 homo, MFI 16. Type: WPP PP PPH5TF2. Packaging: 22x big-bag. This is a one-time sale of unused material from a finished production batch. Inspection at the point of collection/sampling possible. Price 830 EUR/t

    • LDPE green regranulate

      For Sale : LDPE green regranulate

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216295

      LDPE green granulate from the recycling of multilayer beverage packaging. MFI = 4-5. Price 750 EUR/ton, quantity 22 t.

    • Clear tray PP, PET

      For Sale : Clear tray PP, PET

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216294

      I offer regular deliveries of meat trays from retail chains. Clear material, top foils are cut from the trays, there are paper stickers. I estimate the composition to be 80% PP and 20% PET. The material is suitable for crushing, washing and sorting by flotation. Amount of approx. 8 trucks per year. Truck weight approx. 12 t. Price: €50/t

    • Regranulate LDPE + 10 % PA - natur

      For Sale : Regranulate LDPE + 10 % PA - natur

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216293

      Natural LDPE regranulate, MFI 0.9, made from clean production waste - scraps of co-extruded barrier film. Composition: 80% LDPE, 10% EVOH, 10% PA. The material is somewhat harder than LDPE but softer than HDPE. Quantity approx. 120 t per year, regular deliveries. I am looking for a partner for long-term cooperation. The truck is loaded with 23 t. The first truck in June 2022. Price 790 EUR/t

    • LDPE tmavý mix

      For Sale : LDPE tmavý mix

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216292

      LDPE regranulate, made from colored films processed by the dry method, mfi up to 1, blowing type. Price: EUR 16/t

    • PE/PP regranulate white, filled with limestone

      For Sale : PE/PP regranulate white, filled with limestone

      • 27.11.2022
      • ID: 202216291

      This is a regranulate from the remnants of non-woven fabrics from the production of diapers.

    • TPE postproduction

      For Sale : TPE postproduction

      • 24.11.2022
      • ID: 202216289

      We offer for sale 10 tons of TPE material in crushed form.
      The material is regularly available.
      Color black or color mix.

      If interested, call: +420 608 074 363

    • PA66 GF 30 Radilon ARV350HHR 1800 NT PA1250

      For Sale : PA66 GF 30 Radilon ARV350HHR 1800 NT PA1250

      • 24.11.2022
      • ID: 202216286

      We offer for sale PA66 GF 30 Radilon ARV350 HHR 1800 NT PA1250

    • Celanex 2302 GV 1/30 natural

      For Sale : Celanex 2302 GV 1/30 natural

      • 24.11.2022
      • ID: 202216285

      We offer for sale plastic granulate PBT, Celanex 2302 GV 1/30 natural. Quantity 2 tons. Price: 6.04 EUR/kg

    • Akulon K224 HG6-black

      For Sale : Akulon K224 HG6-black

      • 24.11.2022
      • ID: 202216283

      I will sell the material PA66 Akulon K224 HG6-black, approx. 4500 kg. The material is original with a certificate

    • Storage silo 40 m3

      For Sale : Storage silo 40 m3

      • 23.11.2022
      • ID: 202216282

      We offer for sale a storage silo intended for storing bulk materials (grain, sand, feed) with a bulk weight of 0.5-0.6 kg/dm3. The silo consists of a welded structure made of classic steel. Volume is 40 m3, height 8200 mm, cylinder diameter 3500 mm, weight 1 silo is approx. 2700 kg. The silo is filled from the top, with a discharge conveyor at the bottom with a capacity of 650 kg/h. The silo is equipped with a filter with 6 sleeves (dust removal system), 2 level sensors, a hatch and 4 pedestal pipes. Each silo in operable and good technical condition, little used, no damage. Possibility of sale also as a set. More information on request. Price - on request.

strana 1 z 31

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