Plastic Materials Database

Omnexus: The Material Selection Platform 

The Free Database to Select all your Plastics & Elastomers. Search 93 454 Technical Datasheets, contact suppliers, get samples. 


CAMPUS® - a material information system for the plastics industry

The CAMPUS plastics information system offers free online datasheets for resins from participating material producers. CAMPUS is the only database that exclusively offers high quality and comparable material information, absolutely restricted to uniform standards. The datasheets are available in various languages. 


Polymer Database

This web-based library gives a brief overview of the most common resins, plastics and elastomers, their properties, uses, and manufacture. It also provides information about products made of plastics like fibers, textiles, films, seals and products that are formulated with resins like adhesives, sealants, and coatings.



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