Polymers 2024

  • 01.10.2024 - 04.10.2024 | Stará Lesná | Slovensko
After four years, the task of organizing the Slovak-Czech conference Polymers 2024 fell to the Slovak partner from the Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Considering the increased participation of foreign polymer chemists and physicists at the previous event organized by Czech partners from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, we decided to organize the conference in an international format.

We chose the Academia Hotel in Stará Lesná as the venue for the 13th edition of the Polymers 2024 conference, where the beginning of autumn creates a beautiful Tatra atmosphere.

The goal of this conference has always been not only to present the latest scientific results and outputs of the participants but also to create new scientific contacts and deepen cooperation between the Polymer Institute SAS and the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry CAS.

Conference Poylmers 2024 

In addition to the broad focus of the conference’s topics covering basic and applied research carried out by experimental or theoretical approaches, there is also space for the presentation of products by colleagues from the commercial sphere.

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