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Advanced profile       Price: 280 € excl. VAT/year

Registration at®  

Company profile in 3 languages - Czech, Slovak and English. This profile includes company logo, company characteristics, contact details, address, assortment, active links to your own website, photo gallery, map, and business listing in the different categories to which the portal is divided. Through these categories, the company is quickly viewable on Google or other search engines.

Benefits: Supports your business, easy access to your business information, placement on a public and professional high traffic platform

Unlimited publication of advertisements - sale, purchase, employment, cooperation

Advanced profile PLUS
      Price: 330 € excl. VAT/year

Registration at®
+ access to the Laws and Standards portal for the plastics industry

Technical regulations for products simply, clearly, up-to-date! Daily updated by team of specialists and experts. More:

Price: 79 € excl. VAT/year

- Submission of line advertising sale, purchase, cooperation, labor market - unlimited

Top advert

Top advert for 1 week           Price: 25 € excl. VAT

Top advert for 2 weeks        Price: 40 € excl. VAT

Top advert for 4 weeks       Price: 70 € excl. VAT

Top advert for 12 weeks    Price: 170 € excl. VAT

Your ad will be overlooked, it will appear in the section advertising over all ads and will also be displayed on the main page of the portal for the duration of the heater.

E-mail marketing

Czech Republic and Slovakia database 6500 current addresses          Price: 230 € excl. VAT/pcs

Hungary database 1500 current addresses                                             Price: 230 € excl. VAT/pcs

Romania database 1000 current addresses                                            Price: 230 € excl. VAT/pcs

Poland database 19 900 current addresses                                           Price: 389 € excl. VAT/pcs

- making attractive text and graphics, creating HTML code, electronic sending to target audience

Benefits: a direct B2B marketing tool, bringing information to the target audience in real-time, sharing information between respondents (forwarding a message to a colleague, etc ...)

- After the service is delivered, you will receive a distribution report containing data such as the number of mails sent, the number of received, read and so on.

E-mail preview:


Top banner                                      Price: 700 € excl. VAT/month

Banner B1 right-up                        Price: 350 € excl. VAT/month

Banners A1, A2, B2, B3                Price: 250 € excl. VAT/month

- Making an attractive banner with a theme by agreement, graphic design, posting on the portal


- An excellent visual tool to reach a wide professional public far beyond the capabilities of print media

- Strengthens the credibility of your business and is a very important tool for building your brand

- Displaying banner on all devices - Desktop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone

Note: the price for making a banner /graphics + programming/ is 100 € excl. VAT/pcs

Registration on partner portals

Hungary                    Price: 130 € excl. VAT/year

Romania                   Price: 130 € excl. VAT/year

Poland                             Price: 180 € excl. VAT/year

Company profile - in local language - Hungarian, Romanian, Polish

Benefits: Supports your business, easy access to your business information

Advertising - the possibility of entering line advertising - sale, purchase, cooperation, labor market - unlimited

The price for translation from and to a foreign language is not included in the price of the service

Sponsored article (article marketing)
       Price: 250 € excl. VAT/pcs

Publication of press releases on the main page of® and in the monthly Newsletter PlasticPortal distributed to 6500 addresses, optimization for local search engines, archiving of the article


- Create permanent links that are quickly indexed and have high ranking search engines

- Articles bring you new and targeted visitors to the site

- High positions in search results

- Excellent service with long-term service

Promoted article preview at:

Sample publication of an article in Newsletter: PlasticPortal Newsletter 6/2018

Listing the event in the calendar of plastic events
      Price: 100 € excl. VAT/year

- Presentation of your event - seminar, workshop, training, conferences on the plastic events calendar, giving a description of the action, hyperlink to web action

- Published in the Newsletter distributed to database 6500 Czech and Slovak e-mail addresses.


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