Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies

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  • REACH Conference 2018

    • 03.09.2018

    REACH Conference 2018 - Current REACH and CLP Chemicals Issues and its Impact on Business, Polymer / Monomer Registration and Other...

  • The issue of the production of plastic parts with a requirement for high gloss

    • 11.09.2018

    Seminar focused on issues and discussion of production of parts with a requirement for high...

  • Injection technology I.

    • 18.09.2018

    Training provides quick and effective insights from injection molding for injectors, technology, production controllers, masters, and so...

  • European Prefilled Syringes Summit 2018

    • 19.09.2018

    ACI’s European Prefilled Syringes Summit will explore the advancements in regulatory guidelines, product development, manufacturing processes, risk mitigation , portfolio management and answer some infinite industry questions such as; how the industry is responding to disruptive technology,...

  • Injection technology II.

    • 20.09.2018

    The training is designed for graduates of Injection Technology I. training, to deepen their knowledge of the principles of construction and operation of the inlet and cooling system, plastic deformations and the solution of some special faults of plastic...

  • Super-deduction of costs (costs) for research and development in 2018

    • 25.09.2018

    The Seminar provides information on entitlement to tax support for research and...

  • II. Meeting of FTIR and Raman´s spectrometers BRUKER

    • 26.09.2018

    The meeting is organized by Optik Instruments (BRUKER) and Stredoeurópsky technologický inštitút Vysokého učení technického in...

  • Growth of businesses thanks to social networks and digital marketing

    • 26.09.2018

    Seminar intended for business owners and marketing...

  • Central European Plastic Meeting

    • 08.10.2018

    2. Central European Plastics...

  • Designer of plastic parts - seminar

    • 10.10.2018

    The training is intended for designers of plastic products and molds. The aim is to become familiar with the specific properties of plastic materials, and limiting their effects on geometry, functionality, appearance, economy and manufacturability of the plastic...


    • 23.10.2018

    The international forum of the conference, exhibition, B2B negotiation and networking was attended by 400 delegates from 12 different countries last year. The event is intended for suppliers and subcontractors to the automotive and associated...

  • Production management

    • 23.10.2018

    The conference organized by IPA Slovakia has been held for the eight year in...

  • Building a brand

    • 30.10.2018

    The seminar is intended for business owners, marketing managers, business managers and personal...

  • 17th annual workshop for the plastics and rubber industry

    • 01.11.2018

    BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o. in cooperation with specialists from the companies offering products and services for the plastics and rubber industry, organizes the 17th edition of the popular...

  • Future of Biogas Europe

    • 07.11.2018

    The two day event will bring together senior executives and experts from the full value chain to provide a forum for all parties active in the field of anaerobic degradation of organic matter and renewable energy production in the form of...

  • The 2018 European Thermoplastic Compounding Summit

    • 21.11.2018

    Conference of thermoplastic...

  • LinkedIn not only for personalists

    • 27.11.2018

    The seminar is intended for business owners and marketing...

  • Future of Polyolefins 2019

    • 16.01.2019

    ACIs 7th annual Future of Polyolefins Summit will take place in Antwerp, Belgium on 16-17 January...

  • Maximising Propylene Yields 2019

    • 23.01.2019

    6th edition, ACI’s Maximizing Propylene Yields 2019 concentrating on key updates and future forecasts on the supply & demand trends of propylene feedstocks, propylene derivatives & propylene...

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