Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies

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  • Time management

    • 12.10.2018

    The aim of the training is to show that nothing can be done with time. What can we do? Only our own self, our attitudes, our habits, and often our...

  • Transfer pricing and legislative changes

    • 17.10.2018

    Get basic knowledge about transfer pricing issues and the rules for their assessment from tax...

  • Preferential origin of the goods and supplier's declaration

    • 18.10.2018

    The Seminar focuses on the area of origin of goods in international trade between the EU and third (non-member) States, the right to preferential treatment and the fulfillment of preferential conditions in demanding the advantages of import...

  • SOLIDWORKS 2019 News

    • 18.10.2018

    Come and see what the latest SOLIDWORKS 2019 product line...

  • No course. 2 - Optimisation of the injection process

    • 23.10.2018

    MAPRO spol. s.r.o., Bystrovany 211, 779 00...


    • 23.10.2018

    The international forum of the conference, exhibition, B2B negotiation and networking was attended by 400 delegates from 12 different countries last year. The event is intended for suppliers and subcontractors to the automotive and associated...

  • Production management

    • 23.10.2018

    The conference organized by IPA Slovakia has been held for the eight year in...

  • Modern business etiquette

    • 25.10.2018

    A good way is required in the business world and among the key competencies of the modern manager. Knowing the rules of business etiquette and respect for their sovereignty manager comes in and exiting it easier for them to establish contacts, build relationships, "door open " for success in...

  • RESILIENCE increasing the psychological resilience, performance and engagement of employees in your company

    • 26.10.2018

    The workshop is for owners, directors, managers, managers, HR managers, HR specialists for education, and other people interested in personality...

  • Building a brand

    • 30.10.2018

    The seminar is intended for business owners, marketing managers, business managers and personal...

  • 17th annual workshop for the plastics and rubber industry

    • 01.11.2018

    BOCO PARDUBICE machines, s.r.o. in cooperation with specialists from the companies offering products and services for the plastics and rubber industry, organizes the 17th edition of the popular...

  • Dimensional and shape tolerances, surface quality when injecting thermoplastics

    • 01.11.2018

    Injection belongs to cyclic processes. These are characterized by the fact that the material being processed does not, at any point in the cycle, from the thermodynamic point of view, reach a completely equilibrium state with respect to the conditions in which it is currently...

  • European Biomass to Power 2018

    • 07.11.2018

    Building up on the success of its six previous editions, the conference will give updates on the European biomass market and its new developments, as well as focus on sustainability and commodity...

  • Future of Biogas Europe

    • 07.11.2018

    The two day event will bring together senior executives and experts from the full value chain to provide a forum for all parties active in the field of anaerobic degradation of organic matter and renewable energy production in the form of...

  • Chemical legislation

    • 08.11.2018

    Chemical law REACH, labeling, packaging, chemicals, MSDS, volatile organic solvents (VOC), the Globally Harmonised System...

  • ZLINTECH - the first conference focused on Industry 4.0 in the Zlín Region

    • 14.11.2018

    Technological innovation center s.r.o. organizes the ZLINTECH conference on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at Zlin Hotel Baltaci Atrium. Its aim is to get acquainted with trends in the major industrial sectors of the Zlín Region (in the morning) and to present company projects that are already...

  • Waste Management

    • 15.11.2018

    The new version of the approved waste law deals with waste management, packaging and packaging...

  • The 2018 European Thermoplastic Compounding Summit

    • 21.11.2018

    Conference of thermoplastic...

  • Custom duty and tariffs

    • 22.11.2018

    The one-day seminar focuses on the area of origin of goods in international trade between the EU and third (non-member) states to properly preferential treatment and the fulfillment of preferential conditions in demanding benefits in connection with the import...

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