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  • ORLEN has doubled the number of stations in Slovakia. Next year it will launch a mobile app and start building an electric vehicle infrastructure

ORLEN has doubled the number of stations in Slovakia. Next year it will launch a mobile app and start building an electric vehicle infrastructure

ORLEN has doubled the number of stations in Slovakia. Next year it will launch a mobile app and start building an electric vehicle infrastructure

ORLEN's international network of filling stations in Slovakia is growing rapidly. This year, it has almost doubled the number of its stations and completed the process of unifying the labelling of its fuel stations. Before the end of the year, 90 filling stations were operating in Slovakia under the ORLEN brand.

In the coming year, ORLEN will focus on further expansion, expanding its Stop Cafe refreshment concept, developing electromobility and launching a loyalty mobile app.

The ORLEN brand is effectively strengthening across the region. In total, it already operates more than 3,000 filling stations in six European countries - Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia. It has also recently announced the acquisition of 266 Turmöl-branded service stations in Austria. By 2030, ORLEN intends to operate at least 3,500 filling stations.

Successful development in Slovakia

In just four years, ORLEN has created one of the largest fuel networks in Slovakia. ORLEN has already expanded its proven international quality in the form of Efekta and Verva additive fuels with additives that protect and clean the engine system and tasty Stop Cafe snacks to 90 different locations in Slovakia. Of these, two thirds are classic full-service service stations and one third are self-service ORLEN Express stations, which are focused on quick customer service.


ORLEN intends to continue its expansion next year and expects to further expand the number of its service stations. It is open to smaller or larger acquisitions and also offers equal partnership cooperation in the form of franchising. The move under the ORLEN brand is very attractive for petrol station owners and operators.


Following the Slovak market entry phase, the ORLEN network of filling stations in Slovakia will also see the development of electromoblility in the coming year. The company will start preparing the installation of fast charging stations in the first six locations.

ORLEN Unipetrol - petrol stations, electromobility, fast charging 

Loyalty applications and competitions

Products and services with the ORLEN logo are increasingly popular - customers appreciate their quality and innovation. The company plans to continue in this direction. Soon, Slovak drivers will be able to use a loyalty mobile application offering a range of interesting features and bonuses for using ORLEN petrol station products and services. This year, ORLEN gave away 12 pairs of Vespa scooters to its customers in a summer competition - a classic one for an adult and an electric one for a child. There were also another 30 electric Vespa scooters and 100 TANKARTA Easy cards with a credit worth €50. ORLEN intends to continue these activities.

Discount cards

ORLEN also offers its customers discount fuel cards. For private customers, it has prepared its own fuel card TANKARTA Easy, with which they get a discount on every litre of fuel. TANKARTA Business is designed primarily for entrepreneurs and companies, which provide a number of advantages when refuelling their company fleet. In the run-up to Christmas, visitors to petrol stations will be delighted with a variant of the TANKARTA Easy gift card with the possibility of topping up the credit in any amount.

Stop Cafe - one coffee every thirty seconds

Petrol stations are no longer just a place to fill up with fuel, but are increasingly proving to be a popular place to relax, have a snack and buy groceries. That's why ORLEN is also developing non-fuel sales and already offers nearly 50 convenience stores with complementary products and snacks in the Stop Cafe concept. Every year, it expands its range of private label Stop Cafe and Verva products and also places emphasis on healthy nutrition. Hot dogs with multiple flavours and delicious fair-trade coffee, blended according to a secret recipe in Belgium, are popular and are sold at ORLEN petrol stations every thirty seconds. The hottest new nutrient-packed beverages are Stop Cafe's chia drinks, fruit juices and smoothies. The best-selling product among private labels is Verva energy drinks. Among the complementary assortment, Stop Cafe offers a thermo mug, an Orlen/Verva/Efecta toy truck and much more.

Partnerships and sponsorship

ORLEN supports various athletes or sporting and cultural events at international level, where it is part of Formula 1, as well as in national markets. The company has brought the ORLEN Nations Cup international cycling race to Slovakia, supported the Behaj lesy cross-country series or the students from Košice, who took a great second place in the international hydrogen car competition in Las Vegas, USA. ORLEN also cooperates with the academic sphere and has entered into a partnership with the Technical University in Košice. It is already preparing further activities in the near future.

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