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ORLEN has launched mobile app with loyalty programme

ORLEN has launched mobile app with loyalty programme

The ORLEN filling station network has launched a mobile app that offers customers benefits such as a loyalty programme and navigation to the selected petrol station. Customers can use the ORLEN app to earn points for payments when purchasing fuel, goods and services at full and self-service petrol stations, in cash or non-cash after presenting a QR code to the service.

Customers can then exchange the collected points for loyalty rewards directly at the filling station or at ORLEN network partners.

"The current trend is towards moving all communication to mobile devices and new digital communication platforms are expanding into fuel sales. After successfully entering Slovakia and establishing ourselves in the local market, we are gradually expanding our service offering. Most recently, we have launched a loyalty application that makes it easier for our customers to access the ORLEN Group's offer," said Marek Gieroñ, Managing Director of ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia.

Earning loyalty rewards is easy. Just download the free ORLEN mobile app and register. Customers earn 1 point for every euro spent. For new customers, there is a welcome bonus gift of 150 loyalty points, which will be credited to the account after a transaction of a minimum value of EUR 10. A nice surprise is the crediting of additional points for sharing the app with friends and completing the profile. Bonus points will also be given on birthdays and other special occasions.

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Another news in combination with location services on the user's mobile device is the possibility to navigate to the nearest petrol station in the ORLEN network. The station details also display useful information such as opening hours, fuel offer and additional services.

"We offer the loyalty app to our customers in Poland, the Czech Republic and now also in Slovakia. It is free to download and use. It is intuitive and can be used by everyone. We have already prepared interesting benefits for our customers and they can look forward to more benefits in the future," said Jan Suchocki, Director of the ORLEN petrol station network.

The ORLEN app also offers registered customers information on news, promotions and current competitions. The app works on Android and iOS and can be downloaded and installed for free from Google Play and the App Store.

The ORLEN petrol station network entered Slovakia in 2019 when it opened its first station in Malacky. ORLEN offers premium Efecta fuels with proven cleaning effects and premium Verva fuels at petrol stations in the Slovak Republic, which, in addition to taking care of the engine system, have maximized performance parameters. The range also includes a wide range of additional sales and refreshments under the Stop Cafe brand. ORLEN also issues its own EASY and BUSINESS fuel cards and offers customers the ORLEN loyalty app.

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