Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies.

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  • 14th International Seminar on Elastomers - ISE 2014

    • 24.08.2014 - 28.08.2014

    The International Seminar on Elastomers with its 13 successful editions, has established itself as a world-class forum in the field of Rubber Science and Technology. The ISE 2014 is intended to continue this...

  • Customer requirements and barriers to business product policy and chemical legislation

    • 06.09.2014 - 16.09.2014

    Consultation and information seminar will provide an overview of current legislative requirements and the exchange of ideas and experiences among...


    • 11.09.2014 - 11.09.2014

    We invite you to visit SUBTER RUBBER SHOW 2014. You will see the operation of the machine for rubber processing and demonstrate as a new machine for retreading tires. The individual technologies will be provided in the form of expert presentations and interpretations can then discuss with the...

  • Invitation to submit applications to participate in the national stand MoE in fairs and exhibitions in the second half of 2014

    • 16.09.2014 - 06.12.2014

    Ministry of Economy under the National Project to promote the participation of Slovak manufacturers in fairs and exhibitions abroad and promotion of Slovak industrial potential offers SMEs the possibility of participation in a national stand at international fairs and exhibitions in the second half...


    • 17.09.2014 - 17.09.2014

    The course is designed primarily for state and local government, managers and employees in the business sector, but also for the general public who is interested to expand or improve their knowledge of the protocol and social...

  • Current changes in waste management - Training

    • 18.09.2014 - 18.09.2014

    Let us invite you to training "Current changes in waste management" designed to provide essential information in the context of the whole of the Waste Act, so that changes were related to the daily operational requirements of waste...


    • 19.09.2014 - 26.09.2014

    The aim of training is to clarify the concepts of event marketing and event management and what place has event marketing in the overall communication strategy of the company. Many companies have found that the event should not be a lonely lighthouse standing in the sea below the line...

  • First aid

    • 24.09.2014 - 24.09.2014

    Target group: employees of the employer, self-employed, qualified persons operating certain work equipment, the public for their own...

  • Finishes for plastics processors

    • 24.09.2014 - 24.09.2014

    On 24.09.2014 the 13 hours will be held mini-conference on the topic - Finishes for plastics processors at the headquarters of the Cluster of plastic...

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