No compromises thanks to Grivory GVX

No compromises thanks to Grivory GVX

The market launch of the Grivory GVX products a few years ago was a milestone in the development of high-performance plastics that are even more metal-like. Grivory GVX has a stiffness never before achieved by glass fibre reinforced materials and comes close to the property level of magnesium die-casting alloys. That’s why it is predestined to replace metals.

Highly reinforced and top-quality surface finish

The transverse stiffness provided by Grivory GVX, which is often decisive for the strength of a whole component, has been significantly improved still further through the glass-fibre technology used. The tendency to warp has been reduced and the mechanical properties have been improved. The material’s optimised flow capability has a very beneficial effect on the surface quality of components. Unpainted visible components made from Grivory GVX reinforced with up to 65% of glass fibre are now used in car interiors. No streaks are detectable on the component surface despite the high level of reinforcement and there are no problems when colouring with the corresponding interior shades, despite the high proportion of glass fibre.

Low distortion – even in varying climatic conditions

The main application areas for Grivory GVX are in metal replacement – housings for electronic items, in the automobile area and in industrial applications. The advantages of the EMS-GRIVORY material are impressively illustrated by two examples. The decorative trim of the BMW 6 Series convertible (F12) and coupé (F13) is made of 50% glass fibre-reinforced Grivory GVX. It combines impact strength with rigidity and is practically warp-free. It blends into the cockpit harmoniously and ensures an attractive design. The manufacture of the decorative trim using conventional glass fibre-reinforced materials would have been possible only with extreme tool technology adaptations. The distortion-critical geometry of the trim support became manageable only through the excellent shrinkage properties of Grivory GVX. Combined with its high dimensional stability and consistent behaviour under varying climatic conditions, this was the key to successful use in serial production.

Grivory GVX enables innovative design

The standout feature of the GANYMED high-tech walking aid is its elegant, graceful design. Structures and reinforcements (ribs) were targeted precisely where peak stresses arise in the component. Implementation of this design was realised only by using Grivory GVX: the intricate yet robust GANYMED walking aid would have been impossible without its high stiffness and transverse strength, low tendency to distort and very good flow properties. This successful symbiosis of design and material is underlined by the various prizes already awarded to the walking aid: the iF Design Award (Gold), German Design Award (Gold) and reddot design award winner 2013.

Product portfolio greatly expanded

EMS-GRIVORY has continuously expanded the Grivory GVX product range over the past few years. Grades with enhanced flow capability, surface quality and UV resistance are in use today. Flame retardant-modified products have been developed and are available for applications that also need fire-protection properties in addition to high stiffness and strength.

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