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BOLE presents new magnesium injection technology at Euroguss

BOLE presents new magnesium injection technology at Euroguss

From January 16 to 18 EUROGUSS took place in Nuremberg – a go-to event in the calendar of the international die casting industry. Die casting is a technology that enables the manufacture of finished products, mainly from non-ferrous metal alloys (Al, Mg, Zn, Cu). Die casting is characterised by high accuracy, dimensional stability, surface quality and mapping of their shapes.

Exhibitors from 33 countries were demonstrating everything die casting has to offer at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg – from the smallest zinc die castings to huge castings (“giga-castings”) made of aluminium.

Brochure about thixomolding 

One of the more interesting technologies on show in Nuremberg was Thixomolding - technology dedicated to magnesium alloys.

The demand for durable, lightweight products has driven the significant growth of magnesium thixomolding. Its many advantages make it a suitable choice for manufacturing parts found in automotive, consumer products, defense, electronics, handheld devices and sports equipment. As a result, magnesium thixomolding is becoming the favored capability in producing various products in all markets.

Bole booth at Euroguss 

BOLE, a manufacturer of injection moulding machines, has a significant achievement in the field of thixomolding. The company has a long-standing partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with which it shares a laboratory. Thanks to its patented technology, the concern is able to produce injection moulding machines with the largest injection size and has satisfactory solutions for material modification to achieve adequate anti-corrosion properties, high conductivity and greater strength.

At Euroguss, BOLE is presenting its latest developments in this field. BOLE has a range of injection moulding machines designed for tix moulding, with machines up to 1,600 tonnes and injection weights up to 17 kg available at the BOLE technical centre in China.

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