Addiplast - independent french compounder specialized in the manufacture and the formulation de technical thermo-compounds

ADDIPLAST is taking up the challenge by officialy launching its newest range ADDIBIO Renew® at the fair in Friedrichshafen.  By associating the mechanical and physicochemical properties with the weight reduction of the injected or extruded parts ,  this range already positions itself as being  viable.

The conception of the majority of the grades concerning the  range  ADDIBIO Renew®  is meant to be environmentally responsible.

Indeed, the renewable sources selected for the development of this range does neither  depend from agricultural sources nor mobilizes land areas dedicated for  the food  of human beings and animals.

This abundant resource within Europe  does not involve the use of an intensive watering  or a resort to genetically modified  organism.  

The range of technical plastics with long lasting properties ADDIBIO Renew® mainly  refers to the following 3  targets :

                        the structural performances

                        the aesthetic

                        the thermal and fire properties

The structural performances : the reference YHI 54006  allows to obtain properties equivalent to a standard PP 30%Glass fibres  with its modul of  5500 Mpa  and its HDT of 146°C.

The reference YHI 54019


30% bio based shows a density which is much lower than a traditionnal  PP 40%talc while

keeping a rigidity of 4000 Mpa. The obtained mechanical properties  with this material  allow both the reduction of the thickness and also significantly contributes to the weight reduction  of the part up to  20%.

The aesthetic : even bright colours like white or pastel can be colour matched on these grades  for injection or extrusion, for example the reference GHI 52005.

Designed for indoor and aesthetic applications., these grades are absolutely odourless.

The thermal and fire properties: to use renewable resources while complying with the newest environmental directives Rohs, the reference 

GJI 52007 X 


flame retardant  UL94 V0 Rohs  fully meets this requirements and is particularly made for the manufacture of aesthetic and technical electrical parts .

  • autor:
  • Ing. Ľubica Vaníková

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