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ABS MAGNUM™ distributed by RESINEX, globally listed by Ford

ABS MAGNUM™ distributed by RESINEX, globally listed by Ford

Following a long-standing collaborative relationship with Ford Motor Company (Ford), Styron Automotive has recently gained further achievement by being officially recognized as a global supplier for MAGNUM™ ABS grades on Ford’s global platforms.

Evolving industry requirements have meant that OEMs face an increasing necessity to ensure part consistency for an entire fleet of car models across their global platforms. To efficiently deliver reliable and consistent solutions for OEMs, material suppliers need to adapt to OEMs’ growing specifications. As specifications become more and more global.

The MAGNUM™ ABS European grades that were approved are primarily used in interior trim applications and cover a diverse range of MAGNUM™ ABS grades for general, medium and high-heat purpose.

The following are Styron’s ABS grades that can now easily be incorporated into Ford vehicles:

  • MAGNUM™ ABS 3325 MT manufactured in Europe as well as in the US and MAGNUM™ ABS 3525 manufactured in Europe, both approved for specification WSS-M4D827-C1
  • MAGNUM™ ABS 3416 SC manufactured in Europe and approved for specification WSS-M4D690-B1
  • MAGNUM™ ABS 342EZ manufactured in the US and approved for specification WSS-M4D483-D1
  • MAGNUM™ ABS 375HP manufactured in the US and approved for specification WSS-M4D690-B1

MAGNUM™ ABS resins distributed by RESINEX are available in a wide range of injection molding grades, specifically designed for various applications, including automotive. MAGNUM™ ABS resins are produced in a continuous process that yields a resin with a highly consistent, white base color resulting in a combination of excellent processability and aesthetics, which make it suitable for easy and consistent self-coloring. Additional benefits for OEMs include low odor and low emissions, excellent reproduction of mold surfaces, specialized finish requirements through painting, permitting the use of a variety of secondary finishing techniques, enabling parts to be recycled at levels up to 25% with virgin resins.

Resinex is the leading pan-European distributor of branded plastics and elastomers for many prominent raw material producers with dedicated group of polymer experts focusing on automotive industry. With a regional sales network of offices and warehouses in most countries in Europe and Turkey and a comprehensive product portfolio, Resinex offers a perfect distribution service to all type of customers.

Find more information about ABS MAGNUM™ at www.resinex.com.


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