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Piovan EcoSmart, the new line of energy efficient chillers

Piovan EcoSmart, the new line of energy efficient chillers

Piovan, the world's leading supplier of auxiliary equipment and services for the plastics industry, designs and manufactures a wide range of chillers, differing in function and size.

The new EcoSmart range was launched in 2010, and its PETChiller line was an immediate success. It is ideal for the specific needs of PET transformers, characterized by reliability, high energy efficiency even with partial loads, accurate control of the temperature and other operating parameters.

The Ecosmart range currently includes three lines: "CA Series", Air cooled chillers, "CW Series”, Water cooled chillers," CR Series”, Remote condenser. Cooling capacity varies from 150 to 900 kW, depending on the model.

The exceptionally high performance the EcoSmart chillers are able to achieve is due to a number of structural and functional features. First, the screw compressor is driven by a frequency converter coupled to the compressor. In addition, fan speed is continuously adjusted for the actual conditions of the environment and immediate demands of production.

Extraordinary increases in efficiency are also determined by the fact that the evaporator and condenser, which are generously oversized, are designed by Piovan to maintain high heat transfer rates even when working with partial loads. An electronic expansion valve limits the pressure difference of the coolant fluid between input and outlet and performs careful control of the fluid lamination phase, with constant, accurate adjustment of evaporation. Finally, an oil flow switch ensures that the compressor is always working under appropriate conditions.

The cooling efficiency of the chillers can best be evaluated through the COP, Coefficient Of Performance. The greater efficiency of an EcoSmart chiller over a standard chiller with screw compressor of the same size is evident from a comparison of the COP under identical conditions. For example, at room temperature 15°C and water cooling temperature of 15°C, in the case of a standard chiller, the condensation point and boiling point are, respectively, 40°C and 9°C, while in the case of an EcoSmart chiller the values are, respectively, 25°C and 11°C.

Accordingly, in the case of the standard chiller, the COP is 4.31 and, with the EcoSmart chiller, 9.43; Furthermore, at a partial load of 50%, the COP drops to 3.9 in the first case, while it rises to over 10 in the EcoSmart.

The efficiency of the EcoSmart is thus more than double, which means that it uses less than half the electricity. All EcoSmart chillers have an operator intuitive interface for setting and microprocessor control of the operating parameters, and can also be operated by a remote control option.

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