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Moretto: a new era for Moretto DGM Gravix dosing units

Moretto: a new era for Moretto DGM Gravix dosing units

The processing of plastic polymers involves a complex process with multiple steps to achieve a high-quality product from mechanical, aesthetic, and functional perspectives. One of the most critical stages is dosing, where the accurate blending of various raw polymers and additives is crucial.

Moretto offers a wide and complete range of dosing solutions that includes volumetric and gravimetric dosing units. Within the gravimetric category, DGM GRAVIX is specifically designed to dose plastic granules directly on the IMM for optimal efficiency. The high level of technology, combined with its quality performance, has enabled DGM GRAVIX to perfectly meet the needs of processors.

The DGM GRAVIX blender range. From left: DGM 100, DGM 200, DGM 400, DGM 600 and DGM 800.  

New Moretto DGM 20 Gravix, high performance doser: elevating precision in micro-dosing

The new DGM 20 specifically developed for micro-dosing.  

The DGM 20 Gravix has been specifically designed for the production of small components where high dosing accuracy is required.

The DGM 20 Gravix embodies Moretto's commitment to innovation, featuring the exclusive double eyelid shutter valves — a hallmark of precision that sets Moretto apart from competitors. This design ensures the accurate dispensing of resin, regrind, or additives enabling unparalleled dosing accuracy.

Designed to meet the unique demands of low throughput applications with a capacity of up to 20 kg per hour, the DGM 20 Gravix incorporates Moretto's proprietary Roto-pulse technology. This innovative solution ensures the precise dosing, eliminating waste and mistakes.

Despite its compact footprint, the DGM 20 Gravix is engineered for easy accessibility and rapid, tool-free maintenance. Its design emphasizes efficiency, from the dust-tight sealed front door to the tool-free removable weigh-bin and mixing chamber, ensuring a clean, efficient blending process with no residual cross-contamination.

An exclusive element of the DGM GRAVIX remains the dosing eyelids, which ensure a high dosing standard thanks to an extremely fast reaction time, comparable to that of a blink of an eye. They maintain their reliability and durability well beyond 32 million operations. This stability is unique in the industry and essential for the consistency of dosing operations.

Detail of the double eyelid shutter device in the weighing hoppers.  

The stainless-steel supply chambers are equipped with sight glasses and are easily detachable for straightforward change of production and cleaning operations. This attention to detail ensures that the DGM 20 Gravix is not only a perfect fit for moulding machines or extruders but also meets the stringent precision requirements of high-value manufacturing processes.

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