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Nitra Engineering Fair 2013 - a stable base for successful professional communication

Nitra Engineering Fair 2013 - a stable base for successful professional communication

The jubilee Nitra International Engineering Fair, which will take place at the Agrokomplex exhibition ground on May 21 - 24, 2013 is one of the key events in this field not only in Slovakia but also in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It meets the internationality criterion as defined by the International Fair Union based in Paris. It is held annually in order to create a common ground for communication between the suppliers and customers with the aim to become an effective platform for comparison with competitors, market research, new business contacts and strengthening the existing business ties and relations.

The product division of the Fair mostly includes general engineering, welding, casting, metal machining tools and accessories, finishes, hand tools, fittings, pumps, hydraulics, bearings, seals, CAD systems, electronics, measurement, control and automation. Some of the above product groups are executed as separate exhibitions.
These include EUROWELDING - 19th International Exhibition of Welding Technology, CAST-EX - 19th International Exhibition of Casting and Metallurgy, CHEMPLAST - 17th International Exhibition of Plastics and Chemical Engineering and EMA - 13th International Exhibition of Electrical Engineering, Measurement, Control and Automation. The Fair will also include a contracting exhibition of electrical equipment and components ELECTRON.

This year's Fair will also include the first presentations of outputs of colleges and universities with technical orientation under the name TECHFÓRUM 2013. The schools have become a breeding ground for technical solutions with a strong innovative spark, and many times they match the world trends. In most cases, however, they remain "hidden" in the masters or doctoral theses, or other outcomes in the university archives. The very presentation of such work on the fair could help apply these solutions in practice. Participation was promised by most faculties, universities and technical colleges in Slovakia. The entire event is under the auspices of the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic.



All the above events form a transitional market whose task is to revive the current demand. An important objective is to help empower the exhibiting participants on the national and international markets. The Fair stands a chance to prove that it is a quality event and the driving force for the industry in difficult times. The participation of more than 350 exhibitors and co-exhibitors from all over Europe and overseas is again an expression of great confidence. The Fair is supported by professional partners such as the Federation of Mechanical Engineering, Bratislava, Slovak Welding Society, Branch Trnava, Slovak Foundry Company, Branch Trnava and others. The entire Fair is held under the patronage of the Minister of Economy of Slovak Republic.

"We strive to increase competitiveness, as the impact of industry on the overall prosperity is very large. Emphasis is currently put on the integrated approach to energy, environmental and industrial policies to harmonize their objectives directed towards sustainable development through the promotion of innovation processes and procedures aimed at the growing share of added value in the area of material and energy consumption. It is about ensuring the development while reducing the adverse environmental impacts associated with the shrinkage of raw material and energy supplies and intensity of production” , says Ing. Jozef Jenis, the Fair Project Manager.



Sustainable development is also aided by the promotion of product innovations focusing on safer products while maintaining an optimum product life cycle. "We are convinced that exhibitors with above average solutions and innovative spirit will present their solutions even in 2013, and their sophisticated products will be an inspiration to us all" says Ing. Jenis.

During the Fair, several awards will be given to the exhibitors. A major Fair competition is the "Innovative act of 2012", announced by the Ministry of Economy to encourage businesses and individuals to innovative activities.
We have prepared the Fair Award for 7 exhibits and 1 exposition. Also, in the 'Best Engineering Product of the Year' contest, announced by the Union of Mechanical Engineering, particular products will be awarded. All competitions will be formally evaluated in a joint meeting on May 21. The Fair always boasts a rich expert program, which also includes the International Engineering Cooperation Day, prepared by the SARIO agency.



The long existence of the International Engineering Fair, highly professional side events, news from the field of machinery, welding, metallurgy, manufacturing of plastics, automation and construction and handling mechanization, and a whole range of benefits for experts are undoubtedly a good signal of quality of this important event. Therefore, don't miss this important engineering industry show at the Agrokomplex exhibition ground. There are undoubtedly many things to look forward to.

Agrokomplex - Výstavníctvo Nitra, State Enterprise

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