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Advanced quality control of plastics using CT technology from CactuX s.r.o.

Advanced quality control of plastics using CT technology from CactuX s.r.o.

A company CactuX is a technological company focusing on non-destructive testing. The company is developing SMART add-ons to speed up and automatise computed tomography (CT) inspection. At the same time, we offer industrial CT measurement and analysis as a service for customers.

Quality control in the plastics industry is essential for maintaining product consistency, complying with regulations and reducing costs. CactuX is offering a comprehensive solution for quality control – X-ray computed tomography (CT) measurement and analysis.    

Industrial CT is a non-destructive testing (NDT) technique that utilises X-ray radiation to inspect and analyse the internal structures of objects without damaging them. 

CactuX s.r.o. 

Computed tomography principle 


Quality control using CT provides several advantages over classical testing methods – it doesn’t require preprocessing the object’s surfaces or disassembling the components. In just one measurement, it can thoroughly evaluate the object’s metrology and internal and external structures. Furthermore, by its non-destructive nature, it is a cost-effective solution.

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The CT technology enables us to do detailed insights into internal features, making it instrumental in defect detection, validation of complex dimensions, and measurement of complex geometries within scanned objects. Using industrial CT for quality control, we can ensure that manufactured products meet specified standards by identifying defects like voids, cracks, porosity, and inclusions. Computed tomography is also an ideal tool for inspecting customer complaints.

 CactuX s.r.o. 

Quality control using CT technology has several major advantages over conventional testing methods:

  •     it is non-destructive,
  •     it does not require special pre-treatment of the object's surfaces,
  •     it does not require disassembly of the part into individual components,
  •     we can evaluate the metrology, internal and external structures of the object with high resolution in a single measurement.
Our solution

Our company has an extensive portfolio of CT scanners for a wide variety of objects. The object’s dimensions to be scanned can be a maximum of 500 x 800 mm with a maximum weight of 50 kg. We can perform analysis according to industrial standards. With our extensive expertise, we are here to assist you and help you with any problem you may have. 

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