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Modern temperature control is customer oriented and saves energy

Modern temperature control is customer oriented and saves energy

Regloplas AG, the temperature control unit manufacturer in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in-creasingly follows the trend for more customer-orientation in developing and constructing its temperature control units. The needs of the modern customer are more complex than ever, at the same time requiring ease of use in the operation of peripheral devices. The new generation of devices from REGLOPLAS allows the customer more scope for se-lectable options, which are squeezed into the tightest of spaces in one temperature control unit. The latest technological structural components provide the customer with a cost-effective and energy-saving production process for the manufacture of injection moulded and die cast parts.

Flow control: high-class quality with energy-saving potential

Energy and cost efficiency are the order of the day. This is why components and processes must be precisely matched and integrated with each other.

Along with the classic energy consumers such as cooling units and electric heaters, pump technology is a significant factor in energy demand. This is where flow control comes in. It optimises the energy balance in intelligent ways. REGLOPLAS is the first manufacturer to offer temperature control devices which regulate pump output and flow rate. The pump's full power is only called upon during start-up; the controller automatically reduces the output to the minimum necessary during normal operation. This restriction of the pump speed, for example because less flow or pressure is required to maintain the set temperature, leads to a reduction in energy consumption. A reduction in pump speed of 20% reduces energy consumption by 50%. When the pump speed is halved, only 12.5% of the energy is consumed. With REGLOPLAS you make sustained energy savings!


Vario system: high-class quality for application specific uses

Efficient operation, heat delivered with pinpoint accuracy, including precise control in an extremely wide temperature window, combined with a high pump performance, are features of vario systems for customer-specific applications.

Each process requires specific temperature control solutions. The modular vario system enables a process-specific, cycle-dependant supply or removal of energy. The modular vario system from REGLOPLAS is precisely matched to customer needs and processes. Cooling and heating control are perfectly combined and even temperature shifts from 250 to 40°C are overcome within seconds. Production cycles are reduced by up to 50% and cost-effectiveness is improved long-term. The modular combination of REGLOPLAS standard temperature control equipment and the "Energy Battery" technology optimises the energy balance. If required, surplus energy is stored in the battery and called upon when needed. This reduces the energy costs for heating and cooling the cavity during a cycle by up to 80 %. 

High-class technology for standard applications

Modern technology with solid-state relays, ultra-convenient operation thanks to TFT colour display and comprehensive safety equipment are required even for standard applications.

The new 90smart and 150smart temperature control units have been designed especially for standard applications. Building on the proven mechanical basis, which has been significantly developed in some key aspects, the temperature control units have modern control technology and comprehensive monitoring options. So the smart units set new standards in terms of equipment and convenience in this segment.

The main feature of the smart units is the new RT70 control concept. This combines simple operation, the latest technology, convenient temperature regulation options and extensive safety features. The RT70 control unit has a TFT colour display, which in terms of readability and conveying information is equivalent to the high-end RT100 control unit. The functionality and user interface of the RT70, with clearly labelled selection buttons, enable intuitive operation anytime and anywhere, as well as quick access to all necessary parameters.

The smart line is even more compact and slimmer than the existing Regloplas AG unit series. Shorter, narrower and lower, several units can be located in a very small space. The arrangement of all the controls on the front makes it easier for the user to set up and monitor parameters. Although the housings take up very little space, the smart line by REGLOPLAS still has the latest technology and functionality. In smart units, REGLOPLAS already uses high-quality solid-state relays (SSR). A technology that guarantees heating without wear and tear, which in turn significantly improves the service life of units and the production equipment they control.

The safety features of the RT70 also go far beyond the standard level of equipment. They include numerous automatic monitoring functions, wide-ranging alarm functions and safeguards to prevent unintentional or unauthorised changes. Settings can be downloaded and stored quickly and easily via the integrated USB port. 90smart and 150smart temperature control units with the RT70 control concept – top-level technology and convenient operation, designed for standard applications. The right choice when it comes to efficiency and high performance!


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