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K 2022: Machines and peripheral devices, large photo gallery, halls 1-4, 9-17

K 2022: Machines and peripheral devices, large photo gallery, halls 1-4, 9-17

At the K 2022 trade fair in Düsseldorf, manufacturers of machines for the plastics industry focused mainly on current topics such as waste management, saving energy and resources, as well as environmental and climate protection. After 3 years, the manufacturers again presented the latest innovations and trends in the plastics industry.

Injection moulding machines


The better the motion sequence, the higher the performance. In the form of iQ motion control, ENGEL has developed a smart assistance system which automatically optimises the acceleration phases to support faster movements. What was  already possible for the viper linear robots,  it was being introduced for the injection moulding machine at K 2022. In high-performance applications, this can significantly shorten cycle times and provide a competitive advantage.

ENGEL was demonstrating how iQ motion control works in practice at its stand in Hall 15 in Düsseldorf with a sophisticated packaging application. And the cycle time is accordingly critical for the producer's competitiveness. Analysis of the cycle time has shown that mould opening and closing accounts for a particularly high proportion of the total cycle time in this high-performance application. 


KraussMaffei was presenting the new mid-market solutions PowerMolding and PrecisionMolding. The new injection molding machine series combine high power density with economical production - and this with fast availability.

PrecisionMolding, as an all-electric injection molding machine, has very good energy efficiency.

PowerMolding offers the KraussMaffei BluePower servo drive as standard and thus, depending on the application, up to 40 percent better energy efficiency than comparable standard injection molding machines.

For the first time, KraussMaffei was exhibiting large-scale 3D printing systems for industrial use at the K trade show. Additive Manufacturing  now complements the existing product portfolio (Injection Molding, Extrusion and Reaction Process Machinery) as a fourth pillar. In addition, visitors to the booth was able to experience a complete Circular Economy cycle in which the quality of the recycled plastic is retained. KraussMaffei was also presenting new mid-market solutions and innovative digital services which help to minimize downtimes and reduce CO2 emissions.


"There is only a Plan A": With this message, ARBURG inspired countless trade visitors at the world's leading trade fair K 2022 in Düsseldorf. A total of around 30 machine exhibits on its main stand, in the arburgGREENworld pavilion, and on partners' stands showcased sophisticated applications and technologies. Sustainability, digitalisation and resilience were the topics that took centre stage.

At its main stand 13A13, ARBURG presented a wide range of sophisticated applications and innovative technologies from its entire portfolio: injection moulding machines, additive manufacturing, automation, plus internally developed control systems, drive trains and digital products and services.

ARBURG's offering at K included a demonstration of how PIR and PCR recyclates can be processed into high-quality products with the help of hardware and software together with the new "aXw Control RecyclatePilot" and other smart controller functions.


Billion was presenting at its stand at K 2022 two news:

Select2 - new generation of electric IMMs implements a new clamping unit design with optimized mechanical specifications.
This configuration matches all types of productions.
It suits in particular performance needs for packaging, cosmetics or medical applications.

Vertis the first vertical IMM with rotary index table.

To answer increasing needs of plastics processors for inserts overmolding, Billion has developed its first vertical injection molding machine VERTIS V270 – 100 Tons. The machine features a « C-Frame » clamping unit design without tie bars providing easy access to the mold area.
The combination of powerful electric motors, with an innovative hydraulic drive, offers precision, speed and low energy consumption.

K 2022: Machines and peripheral devices for plastic inudstry 



At K 2022 in Düsseldorf KraussMaffei demonstrated how extrusion companies can boost their performance. At the exhibition booth in Düsseldorf, innovations revolved around premium product quality, intelligent machine operation, cost-effective production and new processes for the plastics processing industry. The machine manufacturer was presenting many of its innovations with a live demonstration of the Circular Economy process. In this process, a twin-screw extruder converted shredded medical caps into a fiber-reinforced recompound of precise coloring. 


Bausano was presenting in Düsseldorf its new lines for single and double output pipes offering enhanced performance.

The Smart Energy System can significantly reduce the energy consumption during extrusion. It consists of forced-cooled induction coils with special openings for air circulation and the installation of a temperature sensor. The coil is enclosed in highly thermally insulating materials to minimize the heat transmission from the barrel to the environment. In addition, the special internal structure can transfer the cold air directly to the extrusion barrel, which results in faster cooling than in resistive systems.

A Nextmover extruder with the Smart Energy System and in combination with an extrusion head with two outputs for the manufacture of PVC pipes was exhibited at the trade show. It was demonstrated how the technology from Bausano achieves a total production rate of 2000 kg/h at diameters from 63 mm to 160 mm while also saving 35 % energy.

K 2022 also offered the opportunity to present the E-GO R technology developed by Bausano, which allows heavily contaminated plastics to be completely reintegrated into the production processes. One example is HDPE residues originating from containers for milk, motor oil, detergents, etc. In addition, PP wastes, for example from yogurt tubs, as well as LDPE consumer wastes can be processed.


The machine manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher was approaching K 2022 under the motto: “Get in the Loop.” New requirements from the circular economy, new possibilities from digitalization and the constant pressure for more efficient production – the flexible packaging industry has never seen so much turmoil as in 2022.

In 2019, the priority was still very much on the feasibility of recyclable packaging solutions. In 2022, the focus is on how these new products can be produced at maximum efficiency.

At K 2022, we  was presenting innovative solutions with the example of specific end products. Their focus here was on particularly challenging applications, such as barrier films or packaging with increased PIR/PCR content.

Automation solutions and digital systems for increasing efficiency, such as the IoT system Ruby, are still paramount at W&H in 2022. In 2019, we presented the starting and stopping of the blown film line at the push of a button live at the show with Turbostart. This year, we were thinking more about this topic and were demonstrating how the automated machine can support the operator even better and increase productivity even further – live, too, with a Varex II at the trade show booth.

K 2022: Machines and peripheral devices for plastic inudstry 



In Düsseldorf, Meusburger focused on its standardized mold bases. In addition, the standard parts manufacturer will also present its range for injection molders, including the standardized and customized solutions for hot runner systems.

At the newly designed exhibition booth, there will also be a special area for designers, where the functions and areas of the Meusburger online world are presented. For example, visitors will be able to take a look at the wizards and configurators for mold bases, which make it possible to assemble compatible plates, calculate the corresponding components, and export the CAD data. A special highlight will be the Engel injection molding machine, where visitors can watch a bread box being produced.


With the introduction of the first additively manufactured one-piece Monolith hot runner nozzle in 2021, Witosa GmbH achieved a great technical advance for the plastic industry.

Early in 2022, Witosa followed with the Energy Blocker.

At the K 2022, the company showcased more versions of the Monolith nozzle series, whereby the first additively manufactured Monolith needle valve nozzle was a world premiere. It permits a perfectly designed homogeneous temperature profile for the respective application. Like the open Monolith hot runner nozzles, also the needle valve nozzles have an innovative insulating and heat transfer system, are weight-optimized, and, according to Witosa, reduce energy consumption by up to 35 %.

Also new are the Monolith hot runner nozzles as floating, i.e. sliding seal versions. These versions are suitable for all applications with large center distances, in which screwed nozzles cannot be used. In spite of the usual nozzle head support, they have very good insulation and thereby a considerably lower heat transfer into the mold. This is made possible by the 3D-printed nozzle head, which permits insulation from the injection mold.


Hot runner specialist Oerlikon HRSflow has expanded its portfolio to include components for injection molding of demanding parts with small shot weights in stable and reliable processes. The manufacturer now offers complete systems for this market segment, which requires tight nozzle pitch solutions.

These include nozzles with small dimensions in all designs, from open gate to valve gate, as well as the associated manifolds and actuation units.

Oerlikon HRSflow systems offer optimal color change performance and easy system restart, reducing waste and increasing efficiency and sustainability.

At K 2022 was presenting also Stack Molds for Thin-Wall Injection Molding.

The new needle valve nozzles of the Xp series are designed for high filling pressures up to 2200 bar, and permit very short injection and cycle times in a stable process with highly constant part weights. For this purpose, Oerlikon HRSflow has developed a patent-pending solution for stack mold systems for thin-wall injection molding. Assembly is extremely simplified and highly efficient thanks to a plug-and-play installation.

Other highlights at the Oerlikon HRSflow booth were the Flexflow hot runner technology and the HRScool water cooling. Both technologies contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of the injection molding process.


Hasco offers designers, mouldmakers and injection moulders innovative and cost-efficient solutions. During K 2022, the company focused not only on a large number of new and further developments, but also on digitalisation.

This includes the new website, user-friendly tools, update of the Hasco app, new CAD features, and other digital services that simplify everyday work.

The existing large tempering range has been extended with many new products in the stainless steel field and a new flow meter.

At the center of hot runner technology is the additively manufactured Streamrunner. As a needle valve version, it offers completely new and space-saving possibilities. Color changes can be carried out faster through the flow-optimized design of the polished runners with large deflection radii. New nozzles with variable gating areas and contact surfaces permit application-specific temperature management with maximum wear resistance.

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