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Fluid Dispensing Network Connectivity Advances Smart Factory Integration and Process Control

Fluid Dispensing Network Connectivity Advances Smart Factory Integration and Process Control

The Smart Factory is no longer a vision. While different model factories represent the feasible, many plants exemplify how the Smart Factory functions. Automation providers are taking industry 4.0 to a new threshold.

Leveraging interconnected automation with the latest controls technology, they enable a more seamless production flow to be designed and engineered, attaining the highest levels of operational predictability and production efficiency.

An important part of the Smart Factory evolution is the exchange of data between production processes, which communicate with each other using the Ethernet and the cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). These systems also communicate and cooperate with humans in synchronic time. This cyber-machine/human integration enables a much more efficient connection of processes and better organization within the production environment.

Challenges with Fluid Dispensing Integration 

Despite the proliferation of robotics and machine/process interconnectivity via Ethernet and the cloud in many aspects of manufacturing, fluid dispensing for the assembly of components has only marginally embraced Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Fluid dispensing operators face challenges on multiple fronts to integrate fluid dispensing systems. While fluid dispensing technologies have offered integration, they were not comprehensive enough for complete remote management. Some of the key issues manufacturers have experienced in attempting to initiate Industry 4.0 initiatives into their fluid dispensing operations include: a) absence of direct communication between equipment; b) inadequate data capture; c) lack of in-place troubleshooting; d) tedious programming; and e) no dispensing parameter visibility.

Enabling Fluid Dispensing Smart Factory Connectivity with NX Functionality 

For the first time, process engineers can now program, monitor, perform diagnostics and access full process data from multiple fluid dispensers directly through a single PLC, or with a web interface from a central computer, tablet or mobile device.  This presents a major breakthrough on monitoring and managing processes with multiple fluid dispensers.

Newly released from Nordson EFD, NX functionality for fluid dispensing supports Smart Factory connectivity with the most comprehensive suite of functionality for centralized remote control of all fluid dispensing parameters via Ethernet connectivity. Equally compatible with both benchtop dispensing and robotics integration, this Industry 4.0 NX protocol results in improved fluid dispensing process control, diagnostics and operational efficiency.

 The UltimusPlus fluid dispenser facilitates easier and more efficient fluid dispensing, better process control and more consistent dispensing outcomes.  
 The UltimusPlus fluid dispenser facilitates easier and more efficient fluid dispensing, better process control and more consistent dispensing outcomes. 


NX connectivity features TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) – a set of rules and formats that govern the communication between devices on the network, allowing two or more devices to exchange data.  TCP/IP is a widely known protocol, used to create Ethernet-based networks.  

The NX technology has been engineered for application with Nordson EFD’s UltimusPlus™ fluid dispenser, and 7197PCP-DIN-NX volumetric pump controllers. The NX enabling technology allows fluid dispense operators to have complete remote management of their fluid dispensers, or controllers, permitting their processes to operate in 2-way communication with the PLCs.

This protocol is all about binding manufacturing processes into an easily understood platform. NX connects all dispensing processes together for programming, operation, process monitoring and troubleshooting. 

Programming and Operation

The technology provides a simplified format for improved operational efficiency by programming directly from a central PLC, PC or mobile device. No need to visit each dispenser station to set up or update, it easily permits changes to dispensing parameters on the fly at any point.

 UltimusPlus-NX system layout.  
 UltimusPlus-NX system layout. 


Nordson EFD’s NX technology’s line, volume, weight, and time dispense modes provide versatility for a wide range of assembly steps that may require applying fluids such as adhesives, coatings, gap fillers, sealants, TIM material, and more, to a part.

The way information is entered on the NX client application is the same way integrators will be entering that information on the PLC’s or PC’s client application while setting up the network. The client application allows remote familiarization with data input.

Downloading Dispense Logs 

NX also delivers improved process documentation, with the ability to download dispense log data remotely and directly to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site. This provides data relating to dispense cycles, capturing not only pressure, vacuum and time settings, but also the time and the date when these actuations started and stopped.


In-place troubleshooting capability provides the ability to remotely troubleshoot from nearly any device. The NX client application can assist operators to identify where the problem may lie, for example with the dispenser hardware or with the network. Without NX, uncovering production issues is a laborious task. 

Enabling Smart Factory Technology

The collaboration of TCP/IP capability with NX functionality with the pump and the machine, has enabled outstanding control and assurance of proper product assembly and performance. The NX technology gives manufacturers a more lean, efficient, productive and versatile process for fluid dispensing in assembly operations, and firmly positions them to take advantage of the vast benefits available from Smart Factory Industry 4.0.

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