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BGS creates new capacities for gamma irradiation

BGS creates new capacities for gamma irradiation

BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG, Germany’s leading provider of irradiation services with headquarters in Wiehl near Cologne, invests approx. 14 mill. € in the construction of a new gamma irradiation plant. The new plant will be built at the BGS-site in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe and will have a maximum annual capacity of 80.000 pallets.

General Manager Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki comments: “We are very pleased to be able to provide the urgentlyneeded capacities for the strongly growing MedTech- and BioTech-industries. This expansion is part of our strategy, to provide also in the future top-quality services as a partner for the life-science industry”.

Start-up of the new plant is expected for the 1st quarter 2017, a preliminary planning application has been granted. Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki: “We selected Bruchsal as the future site due to the special importance of the MedTech-industries in Baden-Württemberg and the exceptional logistic position of Bruchsal, which provides excellent connections to South-Western Germany, Switzerland and France.”

BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG is since 1981 pioneering the industrial application of beta- (eBeam) and gamma rays for sterilisation and crosslinking.


BGS as a competent partner of the MedTech- and Life-Science industries takes care of the sensitive process of sterilisation with both types of rays, pathogenic micro-organisms can be destroyed in a fast, reliable and ecologically friendly way.

BGS operates in Germany at three sites one gammaplant and eight eBeam-plants. The company is certified according the standards ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 13485 und EN ISO 11137.


BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH& Co. KG
Antje Wolff
Fritz-Kotz-Straße 16; 51674 Wiehl
Tel.: +49 2261/7899-11; Fax: +49 2261/7899-45
E-Mail: wolff@bgs.eu

White paper form - Radiation crosslinking: From plastic to hight-performance material


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    BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG.

    Industrial irradiation, processes of optimization of plastic products, radiation crosslinking of plastic products, radiation sterilization, beta and gamma irradiation.

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