FMP a.s.

Nový Svět 89/4, 118 00 Praha 1 – Hradčany    Show on Map

telephone:+420 323 672 493

NIP: 28167309

  • Ing. Jaroslav Klusoň, vedoucí kvality a kovovýroby, (+420) 724 540 357,
  • Tomáš Přeučil, vedoucí výroby lisování plastů, (+420) 602 467 399,
Administrativní a obchodní úsek, lisování plastů, montáž finálních výrobků    Show on Map
Letohradská 175
Kamenice - Ládví 251 68
telephone: (+420) 323 672 493
fax: (+420) 323 672 918
Kovovýroba, nástrojářská výroba    Show on Map
Za Nádražím 1735
Písek – Budějovické předměstí 397 01
telephone: (+420) 382 264 331

Company Description

FMP a.s. is a major Czech manufacturer of metal and connecting elements for PP-R piping systems and elements for the automotive industry.

Since 2002, the product range has expanded to include plastic injection molding according to customer specifications into molds supplied by customers, as well as molds that we design and manufacture according to product specifications. We mainly produce components for the automotive industry and piping systems.  

Metal production is located in Písek (CZ), where it takes place on fully automated machine tools and CNC machine tools. Typical products are metal, especially brass plugs for plastic water distribution in a wide range of sizes, components for closing and connecting elements of water and gas piping systems.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Injection molding

FMP a.s. is a modern Czech manufacturer of plastic parts. Thanks to many years of experience and quality technological equipment, we offer our customers a wide range of services. We dedicate maximum effort and commitment to each order, because our success and further development depend primarily on the satisfaction and thus on the trust of our customers.

Processed materials: PPR, PA 6, PA 6.6, POM, PBT, PS, PE, PVC, TPE

We provide:

  • comprehensive design and implementation of the production process from design and construction of parts to ensuring serial production
  • serial production of technically demanding parts
  • high quality of production
  • own tool shop enabling production, maintenance and overhaul of both, own and customer molds
  • quality machinery, optimization of production equipment
  • ability to handle both small and large volumes of orders
  • subsequent processing of parts (assembly, packaging, sorting, printing)
  • production of PP-R fittings by injection molding technology
  • production of PP-R pipes by extrusion technology
  • quality printing according to customer requirements
  • adherence to standards and high standards in production
  • packaging according to customer requirements
  • design, manufacture and maintenance of molds
  • production of visible parts
  • production of pressure-stressed parts

Metal production

FMP is long-standing manufacturer of metal machined elements. Typical products are plugs for plastic piping systems, valve tops for direct and ball valves, fittings for water and gas distribution. We process brass, bronze, free-cutting and stainless steels. In addition to our own production, we also offer product development and construction according to the customer's requirements, followed by the provision of material, machining, surface treatment, assembly, etc.

Design and development

As experienced manufacturers in the field of machined metal and molded plastic parts, we are still working on the design, construction and technology, which is then reflected in the performance of our products. We develop and modify our products taking into account the requirements of standards and customer wishes.

During designing tools and molds, we try to maintain the design of the product and give priority to production technology, which has a direct link to the optimization of production and material costs and thus to the final price and utility properties of the product.


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