OSMOS Tooling & Molding s.r.o.

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telephone:+421 918 938 276

NIP: 51280442
VAT: SK2120665745

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Malobytčianska 1421
Bytča 014 01

Company Description

Are you looking for a powerful service provider for the production of injection molds that can reliably and accurately implement individual solutions?

With OSMOS Tooling & Molding, you have found your specialist for the design and production of special tools.

Professionally experienced and using the latest technologies, we place the highest demands on quality, complexity and accuracy. In addition to the production of precision tools, our services also include a comprehensive service of injection molds. In addition, you can rely on our expertise as a partner for machining work.

Our tool shop is located 500 m from the D1 motorway in Bytča (Slovakia), which is a strategic place due to logistics. Thanks to good availability, the molds will reach you as soon as possible. Production and service of injection molds is an extremely time-consuming and financially demanding process. This is especially true for molds that are in continuous production and mold failure occurs during production. Our advantage in this case is the strategic location near the D1 motorway. The main advantage is the tool test, which we perform after production, service, or repair in our neighboring partner company OSMOS Plastics, which deals with injection molding.


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

We provide comprehensive services in engineering production.


Our development and design department deals with designs in the area of improving functionality, innovation and development of new products in the field of mechanical engineering and the production of thermoplastics. We are constantly following new world trends in development to improve the competitiveness of products for our customers.

When developing new products, we use all available technologies, including:
- 3D CAD/CAM software / SolidWorks / SolidCam /
- Computational analysis of injection molding
- Computational strength analysis of parts and assemblies
- Prototyping (3D printing, CNC)
- Comprehensive testing of prototypes and products in terms of functionality and durability


In production, we decided to focus on the quality of equipment. We work with the most modern technologies available on the market.

Mold production and service

Injection molds are often complicated technical equipment that must meet many requirements, withstand high pressures and temperatures, be stable with precise dimensions, and moldings must be easily removable from the mold cavity. Design and production is therefore demanding in terms of expertise, financial costs, but also time range. The mold cavity, or molding shape, we make using computer programs CAX. The part is first designed, followed by modeling in a CAD system and then machined on a CNC machine using computer CAM programs. In addition to these technologies, we also use various other technologies, such as electro-erosive wire cutting or grooving, which allow the work of extremely hard and durable materials.

Piece and series production

In addition to the production of injection molds, we also offer piece and series production of metal parts, focused primarily on our GROB CNC machining centers. Piece production is extremely demanding, as it is usually a time-consuming preparation process. However, preparation should never be underestimated, because good preparation is the key to the desired result. Serial production for our CNC machining centers is directly designed. Our GROB machining centers are primarily designed for the most demanding conditions and continuous operation.

Quality management

In order to guarantee the best results, we use the most modern and accurate equipment, which is regularly calibrated. Proper production control is not possible without the right equipment. For inspection, We use measuring equipment from the top manufacturer ZEISS to verify the condition. All our data is backed up and linked to information systems that facilitate the production process. We are currently working on the introduction of ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 certification.

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