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telephone:+420 566 620 705

NIP: 27680703
VAT: CZ27680703

Company Description

Complete solution of injection moulds,  producer of components for hot runner systemsm, sales of micro injection machines and temparating equipement, injection moulding


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

FCPK Bytów, Poland

Representation of companies on the Czech market.
Standard parts for the manufacture of plastic injection molds, molds for casting aluminum and zinc alloy

Standard parts for stamping dies

Representation of companies in the Czech and Slovak market:

BARNES GROUP, USA, Associated Spring
Complete program springs

Rambaldi, Italy
Miniature vstekovacie hydraulic presses, 6.25 tons closing force
Additional injector unit viackomponentné vsterkovanie SUNNEX
Ergonocmické mats
Lighting machines and workstations
Antivibrating Anchors Machine

E. Braun, Germany
Tempering machines

An association of 12 Italian companies specialized in the production of formsfor plastics

CAMPETELLA Robotic Center srl
Industrial robotics

Slide units, negative contours, ejection systems, vacuum system

SF Technik



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