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Photostory and preliminary final report of the 56th MSV 2014 in Brno

Photostory and preliminary final report of the 56th MSV 2014 in Brno

The 56th MSV reflected the positive development of the Czech economy and of industrial production especially. The number of exhibiting companies increased by 10 percent to 1627 and the exhibition stands filled all the halls of the Brno Exhibition Centre. Companies came from 31 countries and the share of foreign participants was 47%. During the first four days, the fair was visited by 65 000 visitors from 43 countries and the total attendance is estimated to exceed 75 000 people.

The International Engineering Fair 2014 confirmed its position as the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe. MSV 2014 included industry-focused specialized fairs: the International Fair of Machine Tools IMT, International Foundry Fair FOND-EX, International Welding Engineering Fair WELDING, International Plastics, Rubber and Composites Fair PLASTEX and International Surface Technology Fair PROFINTECH. The highlighted theme of the biennial project was focusing on Automation - measurement, control, automation and control technology, which attracted attention together with topical exhibitions dedicated to the progressive fields of robotics and 3D printing.

The best exhibits entered the competition for the prestigious MSV Gold Medal. The expert jury awarded five main prizes, which went to KUKA Roboter, Arburg, Next Metrology Software, Central European Institute of Technology of the Brno University of Technology and the Forges Association of the Czech Republic together with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.

The first day of the fair was visited by almost all top government officials - President Miloš Zeman, chairman of the Senate Milan Štěch and Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Also present were other members of the government, ambassadors, senators and deputies, university rectors, Governor of the South Moravian Region and the Mayor of the City of Brno, presidents of chambers, professional associations. A trade fair like MSV is an important meeting place of politics and business. The main meeting took place at the Assembly of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

The fair has proven its international scope thanks to foreign official, collective and individual exhibitions of foreign exhibitors. The international dimension of the fair was confirmed by eleven official stands of foreign countries. The highest participation ever belonged to China, represented by 72 companies. Significant presentation was also brought by Thailand as MSV 2014 Special Guest Country. International delegations also arrived from the regions of the Russian Federation, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy and other countries.

A traditionally rich supporting programme took place in all the congress halls of the Brno Exhibition Centre. Highlights included the Assembly of the Union of Industry and Transport, an economic forum entitled 10 years of the Czech Republic in the EU and a b2fair meeting Contact-Contract. Expert conferences focused on current topics such as 3D printing, the use of robotics, opportunities for energy savings or cooperation between industry, research institutions and universities. Events aimed at promoting exports included the most attended Business Day of the Russian Federation; other meetings focused among other things on business with China, Thailand, Belarus and Azerbaijan. This year's edition also contained the one-day MSV Job Fair which was attended by 24 exhibitors, especially major industrial companies.

Quotes About the Fair

"I want to thank the exhibitors not only for participating, but mainly for having prepared very well and brought many innovations, new technology equipment and innovative solutions to the fair. Since the fair is exactly about innovation," said Jiří Kuliš, CEO, Brno Exhibition Centre.

Jaroslav Hanák, President of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic:
I am convinced that not only athletes or artists are good representatives of the Czech Republic, but these industrialists, managers and owners of these companies, they are the adornments of the Czech Republic.

Vladimír Dlouhý, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic:
It may seem that in this age of the Internet, trade fairs of this significance rather lose their weight, but I think that it is not true, because we all know that it is primarily personal contact that is crucial in gaining trust. A trust is what we especially need in trade and business relations.

Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic:
MSV Brno is the largest exhibition of its kind in Central Europe and I fully realize its importance far beyond the borders of the European region. Engineering is the backbone of industry and that is why the engineering fair is so important. We must do everything we can to have engineering and industry work for us.

Milan Štěch, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic:
As someone who has spent one’s youth up o forty years of age in engineering, I love to come back to such events as MSV. When I visit the fair, I realize how quickly time flies. While at the fair, we are astonished at how fast the development goes ahead.

Miroslav Šabart, CEO of ŽĎAS and president of the Association of Engineering Technology:
Who does not exhibit at the International Engineering Fair, is as they did not exist.

Preliminary statistical data

Registered foreign visitors from 42 countries have passed through the gates of the exhibition centre during the first four days. Most foreign attendants arrived from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Slovenia and Italy. There were also visitors from distant countries such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia. The first results of a survey conducted among visitors documents the high level of their satisfaction with this year’s fair, only 2% of respondents evaluated their visit to the fair negatively. Visitors mainly appreciated the professional level of the fair, which was noted by 91% of respondents. Up to 78% of visitors are planning to come to MSV next year and 14% are still undecided.

During the first four days, 322 media representatives from eight countries were accredited by the Press Centre. 50 foreign journalists came from Italy, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The 57th International Engineering Fair will take place from 14 to 18 September 2015.


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