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New additive masterbatch for polyamide processing from GRAFE

New additive masterbatch for polyamide processing from GRAFE

Optimization of resources in production and the continually growing demands placed on polymer processability are some of the biggest challenges faced by the manufacturers of masterbatches. Particularly in the use of polyamide 6 / 6.6 (GF), injection moulders are often face limitations. Polyamides are frequently used in the automotive industry because of their outstanding mechanical features. The new and highly effective additive masterbatch from the GRAFE Group simplifies processing and improves component quality for customers.

“The demands of carmakers regarding light-weight design and outstanding component quality present us with new challenges every day.” according to Tobias Dübler, team leader in sales for automotive applications.

Polyamide 6 / 66 (GF) is usually used for components subject to high mechanical stress and sophisticated design requirements. This often results in complex geometries and complicated flow paths within the various injection moulding tools. Such factors are always a challenge for any base material which is used. Very high friction leads to burns or yellowing of the polymer, impaired surface quality, and difficulties in the demoulding process. These parameters can also have a detrimental effect on the homogenization of the polymer melt and the component mechanics.

Nové aditívne masterbatche pre spracovanie polyamidov od GRAFE

“Now with our newly developed masterbatches we can target the particular requirements that are important for our customers in order to satisfy their quality demands.” Tobias Dübler explained. “The active substances in the new additive masterbatches also improve the compatibility between the plastics matrix and the reinforcing fillers (e.g. glass fibres) thus facilitating the integration of these fillers.”

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