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The perfect coating system for pipe constractors

The perfect coating system for pipe constractors

PP & PP Flame Spray Coatings Of Pipe Bends, Field Joints and for Repair Work on Pipes in Flame Spray Coatings. High performance and Veratility in a compact system.

OIL & GAS: 3LPE or 3LPP Thick polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) coatings for Pipes, Bends, Buckle Arrestors, Field Joints 

Gladiator Spartacus, in the new version for the oil & gas industry, has been spacifically designed to offer a very high flow rate of powder delivered so as to satisfy the need of quickly applying large quantities of PE or PP (3 to 5 mm-thick layers or more) on gas pipes, bends, joints, to make up the tie-layer and or top layer in the 3-layer coating system.

  • New Spartacus for the "Oil & Gas" industry
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Very High Powder Flow Feeding System
  • Large wheels for easier transport on rough terrain
  • Quick connect, colour coded, hoses to machine
  • Ergonomic High Flow Gun and Medium Size Guns with Handles and Powder On-Off Trigger
  • Repair Gun as an option
  • 1 m. longer gun hoses to the control plate or - upon request - controls fixed on the machine casing
  • Only requires dry compressed air & LPG
  • Heating capacity suitable to apply a fully melted PP10 coating layer to 5 mm and more in one operation

New Spartacus, the Perfect Coating System for PP & PE Flame Spray Coating of Field Joints, Pipe Bends, Buckle Arrestors and for PP and PE coating Repair.

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