Calendar of Events in the field of plastics processing, plastic packaging, machinery and technologies

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  • How to secure business risks

    • 14.02.2018

    The aim of the seminar is to get information on the possibilities of securing business...

  • Student Competition

    • 14.02.2018

    On February 14, 2018, at 9.00, the all-day student competition - "3D modeling in SOLIDWORKS" - organized by our company Schier Technik Slovakia s.r.o. in cooperation with SOŠ strojnícka Bánovce nad...

  • Products and Industrial Products - Requirements of Chemical and Related Legislation

    • 20.02.2018

    The seminar is designed for product policy makers, sales managers, managers, product quality experts, supply chain communication, production leader...

  • Bank guarantees - how to use them in business relationships

    • 20.02.2018

    The aim of the seminar is to obtain comprehensive information on the issue of bank guarantees focusing on the needs of construction companies, developers' companies; importers and...

  • The amendment of the laws on health protection at work and their application in practice

    • 21.02.2018

    The aim of the seminar is to get acquainted with the employer's obligations, practical experience, implementation of the legislative process into...

  • Designer of plastic parts - seminar

    • 21.02.2018

    The training is intended for designers of plastic products and molds. The aim is to become familiar with the specific properties of plastic materials, and limiting their effects on geometry, functionality, appearance, economy and manufacturability of the plastic...

  • Working safely with chemicals

    • 22.02.2018

    Bezpečná práce s chemickými látkami -...


    • 22.02.2018

    The aim of the seminar is to inform the participants about the INTRASTAT - SK system and its implementation in practice and changes in...

  • REACH Registration - Practical Seminar

    • 27.02.2018

    The seminar is intended for the staff responsible for managing chemicals, registering chemical substances, securing the purchase of raw materials for production, importers and manufacturers of chemical substances and mixtures...

  • Custom duty and tariffs

    • 28.02.2018

    The one-day seminar focuses on the area of origin of goods in international trade between the EU and third (non-member) states to properly preferential treatment and the fulfillment of preferential conditions in demanding benefits in connection with the import...

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