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telephone:+421 422 020 555

NIP: 50852167
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Company Description

We have been offering for our customers rich possibilities of 3D technology for more than 27 years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we understand the needs of customers from all areas of industrial production, especially in the automotive industry, aerospace and engineering. We have hundreds of delivered professional equipment as well as complex solutions that are applied in various industries. 3D technologies from us are a common part of many progressive companies, which we have helped to succeed. Our company represents an integrative partner between the technologies of foreign partners and customers.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

From 3D prototype printing to final production. We have unique solutions for you for every phase of product development and production cycle. Test how your product will work in the market and what it is interested in. Increase production efficiency and reduce your costs. All with the support of technical experts from MCAE Systems.

We can connect all the technologies we offer into a comprehensive whole, tailored to your requirements. We provide implementation from delivery to assembly. We offer services in the field of 3D optical measurement and reverse engineering, we perform custom 3D printing from durable and certified plastics, photopolymers and metals. We will also create a form of vacuum casting or machining technology for you. We will design and supply a turnkey robotic workplace for NC machining of various materials or a workplace for automated 3D optical measurement.

We offer professional 3D printers, 3D optical measuring systems and CAD / CAM software Tebis to support production.

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-        3D printers for 3D metal printing »

-        3D scanners »

-        Automatization of 3D scanning »

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-        Software CAD/CAM Tebis »

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-        Reverse Engineering »

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We also have online webinars on 3D printing, 3D metal printing, 3D scanning and Tebis software »

MCAE Systems was founded in 1995 and is housed in a modern building in Kurim near Brno, which is also a training center and innovation center. In 2013, we opened a presentation and service center for 3D digital technologies in Plazy near Mladá Boleslav, in 2017 we established an organizational unit in Slovakia in Dubnice nad Váhom.


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