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MSV Brno 2015 showed the future of the industry, photo gallery

MSV Brno 2015 showed the future of the industry, photo gallery

The 57th MSV was marked by a conjuncture. Czech industry thrives, businesses are investing and there was great interest in a trade fair presentation and a tour to see the exhibits. At the same time, this year was a window into the future: the main theme was focused on Industry 4.0 and the advent of intelligent manufacturing processes.

We are the most industrialized country of the European Union, the Czech economy has been the fastest growing economies in Europe in the last two quarters, the industry is growing at a record pace and unemployment is the second lowest in the EU. The 57th MSV was held in an extremely favourable economic situation, which corresponded with a positive mood and business results. Exhibition stands of 1504 exhibiting companies from 32 countries were visited by 75 thousand visitors in five days. Exhibitors mainly appreciated their desire to invest, negotiations at the stands were about specific business and many were signed on the spot.

Special attention to this year's fair was paid by the state representatives, who expressed their support and appreciation for Czech industry in this way. For the first time in the history, the Brno Exhibition Centre became the venue of an exceptional session of the Government, which among other things discussed material related to the promotion of industry, export and technical education. Government participation in MSV did not end with the actual meeting; many of its members attended the Assembly of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the opening ceremony of the fair, supporting events, and of course visited exhibitors’ stands. MSV was also again visited by President Milos Zeman, who for the first time in history, made a speech at the opening ceremony and at the Assembly of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

 Czech president Miloš Zeman

The purpose of MSV has always been showing new directions of development and this year's edition was in token of the theme Industry 4.0. The so-called fourth industrial revolution brings a comprehensive digital interconnection of all levels of creating added value, from product development to logistics. In order to maintain its competitiveness, Czech industry should adapt to these changes as quickly as possible MSV has brought a lot of inspiration, both through specialized exhibitions focusing on topics such as Digital Factory, 3D Printing or Robotics, and also at several accompanying conferences, where the principles of Industry 4.0 were presented by leading experts from the Czech Republic and abroad.

There was great interest from abroad in this year's trade fair, a full 47% of the exhibiting companies came from outside the CR. The role of "Special Guest of MSV 2015", was held by Korea and the Chinese province of Hebei. A successful one-day " inside-out trade fair" or "Reverse Exhibition" was held at MSV by Japanese manufacturers in Europe, who were looking for local vendors of specific components and materials to supply their factories. Approximately 10% of this year's 75,000 visitors also came from abroad. Foreign delegations arrived among others from regions of the Russian Federation, China, Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan and other countries. Most foreign experts arrived from Slovakia and the box office registered visitors from 50 countries.

The International Transport and Logistics fair manifested a successful comeback after four years; Hall A2 was full of lively bustle and there was great interest in seeing the variety of exhibits in operation and interesting novelties. A premiere of the ENVITECH trade fair added an attractive and promising topic of technologies for environmental protection to the exhibition calendar.

The best exhibits competed for the coveted Gold Medal. The expert committee awarded five major awards, they were given to Vítkovice Gearworks, ARC-H, Tajmac-ZPS, Alicona Imaging and the Brno University of Technology.

 A record-breaking, extensive supporting programme included seventy events and took place in all the congress halls of the Brno Exhibition Centre. The most significant events included the Assembly of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the Industry 4.0 Forum, Contact-Contract b2fair meeting, conferences focused on 3D Printing - Trends, Experiences And Business Opportunities, Strategic Challenges of the Upcoming Industrial Revolution, Visions in Automation - Industry 4.0, Waste 2015 And Beyond, logistics conferences EULOG 2015 or the Business Day of the Russian Federation. This year's edition again included a one-day MSV JobFair, attended by twenty exhibitors, mainly major industrial companies.

 During the first four days, the Press Centre accredited 399 media representatives from seven countries. There were 49 foreign journalists, from China, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

The 58th International Engineering Fair will be held along with the IMT, Welding, FOND-EX, Plastex, Profintech fairs on 3 to 7 October 2016.

MSV Brno 2015

Quotes about the fair:

During meetings at the stands, I realized that we sometimes underestimate the phenomenon, which is called personal chemistry; while chemistry can mean both hydrochloric acid and personal friendship. Personal empathy with another person is a very important factor in the success or failure of the trade talks.
President Miloš Zeman, in the opening speech of the International Engineering Fair in Brno 2015 (on the importance of personal contact in business relations)

It is an important European trade fair, in a way, the most important economic event of the year in the Czech Republic.
Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister (interview for HN newspaper on the occasion of MSV 2015)

The whole government of the Czech Republic came to the fair today. The fact that we met at the Brno Exhibition Centre when it launches one of the most important events of the Czech industry and Czech engineering, clearly expressed our interest in the Czech industry to prosper in the future.
Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister, in the opening speech of MSV 2015

I congratulate the Brno Exhibition Centre for bringing the International Engineering Fair to this global level. It is a renowned trade fair with a long tradition, which the Slovak Republic can not miss.
Vazil Hudák, Slovak Minister of Economy (at the opening of the Slovak Day at MSV 2015)

As I perceive this atmosphere when I went through the fair today, I think it makes sense to further develop the exhibition business in Brno.
Petr Vokřál, Mayor of the City of Brno (in the opening speech of MSV 2015)

The Government emphasized the importance of the International Engineering Fair by the fact that we had a meeting at the trade fair this morning to underline that the industry is the most important sector of the Czech economy.
Jan Mládek, Minister of Industry of the Czech Republic

The Engineering Fair shows the technological future of the industry. That is its purpose.
Jiří Kuliš, CEO of the Brno Exhibition Centre


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