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Company Description

ANAMET Company Ltd. provides instrumentation for laboratories, research facilities and for on-site measurements.

On the Czech and Slovak market we supply leading instruments of foreign companies (representing more than 30 companies). For all supplied equipment, we provide customized solutions, customer service, including the supply of spare parts and consumables.


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Analytical techniques

  • elemental analyzers - determination of C, H, N, S, O, Cl by combustion methods
  • group parameters - analyzers TOC, AOX, TN, TS: Elementary, Nittoseiko
  • titrators - Nittoseiko
  • flow analyzer (CFA), Smartchem - Alliance discrete analyzers
  • Physical and chemical methods (Analytical methods)

Heat microscopes - Hesse Instruments

  • measurement of specific surface, porosity and sorption - 3P Instruments
  • particle size distribution, Zeta potential, MW - Malvern, particles in aerosols (clean rooms) PMS
  • rotary viscometers and rheometers, capillary rheometers - Netzsch
  • objective measurement of color and gloss - Konica Minolta
  • determination of moisture (dry matter) lab. and procedural - Nittoseiko
  • surface tension - Dataphysics
  • atomic force microscopy - Nanosurf
  • chemisorption and reactor analyzers - Altamira Instruments
  • scanning electron microscopes (SEM) - Thermo Scientific Phenom World

Materials testing

  • climatic and temperature chambers, vibrating and vacuum chambers, thermal shock chambers, corrosion chambers, ESS chambers with fast temperature change, HALT / HASS chambers, laboratory dryers, HAST chambers, dust and spray chambers, chambers with solar radiation simulation, battery test chambers and solar panels, large-volume chambers for testing large samples (cars, solar panels, satellites ...), temperature vacuum chambers and space simulators, explosion-proof chambers, calorimetric chambers, climatic wind tunnels, tunnel furnaces for heat treatment, growth and stability chambers, special test chambers according to customer requirements - Angelantoni Test Technologies
  • chambers for simulation of weather conditions (rain and sunshine) and aging of materials, SOLARBOX, corrosion and condensation chambers - CO.FO.ME.GRA
  • objective measurement of color (spectrophotometer) and gloss, light cabinets - Konica Minolta
  • automatic tearing machines, universal electromechanical and hydraulic testing machines for tensile, compressive and bending tests, accessories for tearing machines (elongation meters, jaws, force sensors, furnaces and chambers), hardness testers (Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell), Charpy hammers for metals and plastics, tempering baths, extrusion plastometers, HDT / VICAT testers, stiffness measurement, torsion testing machines, equipment for determining the module r, - Tinius Olsen
  • testing machines and accessories for building materials tests (tests of concrete, mortar, cement, asphalt, aggregates ...), moisture analyzers - Tinius Olsen
  • testing machines for rubbers, rubbers and elastomers, MDR rheometers, Mooney viscometers, vulcanization presses, molds, Shore hardness testers (A, D, IRHD) including the possibility of connection to the stand, determination of mixture dispersion, die cutters for sample preparation, density measurement and permanent deformation under pressure - Monty
  • testing equipment for packaging materials and packaging (weldability, permeability, ...) - Labthink
  • electrically heated laboratory plate presses for pressing elastomers, thermoplastics and thermosets, special presses made according to customer requirements - Fontijne Grotnes BV
  • instrumentation for identification and quality control (purity) of thermoplastic materials working on the principle of DMA and DSC, requires one polymer granule for measurement - Lacerta technology.
  • combustion chambers, conical calorimeters, bomb calorimeters, micro-calorimeters, determination of fire resistance of materials, flash point, oxygen number, flame spread rate and smoke density - Fire Testing Technology

Analysis of fuels and lubricants (Industrial and environmental control)

  • parameters of fuels and lubricants (flash point, vapor pressure, particles, conductivity, ...) - Stanhope-Seta
  • filterability of CFPP, cloud point of TVP and pour point, atmospheric distillation - Orbis BV
  • XRF wave-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, silicon - XOS
  • thermal oxidative stability, smoke point, Reid vapor pressure, corrosion, oil dispersion - AD Systems
  • application for pharmacy, food, biochemistry and cosmetics
  • dispersion stability and particle size - LUM
  • clean rooms - PMS
  • particles - PMS
  • refractometers and polarimeters - Optical Activity
  • high pressure homogenizers - PSI Instrument
  • validation of processes used in food production - Ellab A / S

Occupational safety and hygiene

  • measurement of working environment (dust, noise, heat load) - Casella


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