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GNEUSS measurement technology from the company Caspro s.r.o.

GNEUSS measurement technology from the company Caspro s.r.o.

GNEUSS company with over 30 years of experience and dozens of international patents is a company that offers innovative solutions in the field of plastic production.

1. Customer-focused Sensor Technology

Beyond their standard range of measurement technology products, Gneuss offers a wide spectrum of different product versions. Their standard products are built for customary measurement tasks in extrusion processes and are compatible with almost all brands available on the market. Further, Gneuss manufactures sensors which are tailored to the specific requirements and processes of the customer.

These include among others: water-proof and vapor-resistant sensors, which are used in food processing, a heavy-duty sensor design with a special membrane technology for processing WPC and heavy-duty sensors for extreme process conditions with frequent pressure spikes and short pressure overloads.

Explosion-proof sensors with HART communication are available for processes in the chemical industry.

As a mechanical engineering company, Gneuss Kunststofftechnik benefits from a profound knowledge of many applications, also with difficult conditions, and offers extensive, individual and task-orientated consulting.

2. A new level of online convenience by Gneuss Measurement Technology

With the introduction of its own online web shop in 2014, Gneuss offers its customers the possibility to quickly and easily order Measurement Technology products such as melt pressure transducers, melt pressure displays and amplifiers and melt temperature sensors, together with the whole range of accessories.

In addition to simplified ordering and worldwide access around the clock, the shop also offers the user regular special offers and online discounts.

Thanks to the multifaceted search function, new products and the corresponding accessories can be found quickly and easily. A simple structure with large pictures of the products enables the user to quickly find the way to the correct article and select the necessary information.

Additionally, with the help of an innovative sensor configurator, melt pressure transducers and melt temperatures can be specified individually, together with the matching accessories.

3. Tough Conditions need Special Solutions

As an extrusion machinery manufacturer, Gneuss Kunststofftechnik is always close to the requirements of their customers and offers a selection of problem solving sensor solutions for its customers.

This includes waterproof pressure transducers for the food industry and heavy duty sensors with special diaphragm technology for the processing of wood-plastic composites (WPCs) and for difficult processing conditions with frequent pressure pulsations and short term pressure spikes.

4. Optimum Solutions for High Pressure Overload Cut out Systems for Extrusion Lines – Simple and Reliable

The performance level „c“ specified according to the EN 1114-1 standard is achieved by several pressure transducers available on the market. Most of these pressure sensors however only achieve the standard with regard to electrical faults. Mechanical faults or human error are however much more common. These are difficult or impossible to cover with only one sensor. The Gneuss safety system EPM constantly compares the values from two sensors and therefore provides a higher level of safety. With a small investment, the machine operators and the extrusion line can be safely protected against high pressures.

Obr. 1: Systém Gneuss tlakového preťaženia EPM

   Fig. 1: Gneuss Pressure Overload System EPM

Mercury-free pressure transducers environmentally friendly, new model for food processing

Gneuss’ mercury-free NTXTM pressure transducers are replacing more and more conventional mercury-filled transducers. The NTXTM series offers interchangeability with other brands at equal or better performance. A new sensor design is being offered specifically for food processing applications. The materials used are nontoxic and suitable for use in food applications. The watertight housing holds up to typical sanitary treatments in these applications with high-pressure washers. These sensors are also used in medical applications.

6. Special sensor design for difficult applications

As a mechanical engineering company, Gneuss Kunststofftechnik is always very close also to difficult applications and offers a number of problem-oriented sensor solutions for the customer.

  • In food applications, regular cleaning of the machinery is absolutely necessary, so that sensors are often subject to steam or water jets. Gneuss has developed a special type of sensor for these applications, which remains water-proof even if its plug is removed.
  • The processing of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) makes an extremely rugged sensor necessary. This is why Gneuss has developed a special membrane technology offering a high strength for highly abrasive materials and a much longer operating life compared to conventional sensors.
  • For especially difficult process conditions with short excess pressures, frequent pressure peaks as well as not melted components in the material, sensors are highly stressed. Gneuss supplies a special heavy-duty design of their sensors.
  • For applications with limited installation space, e.g. for spinning beams or small lab lines, Gneuss offers a special design with minimum space requirements and M10 threads.
Obr.2: Tlakový snímač Gneuss pre potravinársky priemysel
   Fig.2: Gneuss Pressure Transducer for the Food Industry



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