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06E “Plug ‘N Play”® threaded nozzle and bolt-on valve gate actuator

06E “Plug ‘N Play”® threaded nozzle and bolt-on valve gate actuator

SYNVENTIVE introduces new 06E “PLUG ‘N PLAY”® hot runner system feturing threaded (screwed- in) Nozzle and bolt-on valve gate Actuator

New Systems Ideal for Small Part Applications

Synventive Molding Solutions has introduced two additions to its hot runner product line; the new model 06E threaded/screw fit hot runner nozzle and the model PNC30 pneumatic bolt-on actuator for valve gate hot runner systems »

The model 06E threaded/screw fit manifold nozzle further enhances the Synventive small-sized line of threaded leak-proof manifold nozzles. Available with both thermal gate and valve gate options, the 06E features a 6mm flow bore (with 20mm mold cut-out) and is designed for small shot weights up to 100g per nozzle. Since these nozzles are threaded into the manifold, a leak-proof system is provided without critical stack up dimensions that must be maintained. These nozzles are externally heated and are available in lengths from 60-200mm. The nozzle heaters are easily replaceable and have integrated, replaceable thermocouples.

When the new 06E nozzles are used as a valve gate system »  and combined with a Synventive bolt-on actuator, the complete hot runner system is supplied pre-wired and pre-assembled without the need for hoses, since lines are drilled in top clamp plate allowing for simple ‘plug ‘n play’® mold installation.

The model PNC30 pneumatic bolt-on valve gate actuator extends the Synventive bolt-on actuator series. This new product simplifies hot runner installation in the mold by providing ‘plug ‘n play’ capability.

The PNC30 has numerous features including:

  • -cover plate (customer-supplied) which allows valve pin to be removed and/or adjusted without removing the top clamp plate
  • -top clamp plate can be removed without removing valve pins from the hot runner
  • -no pneumatic or cooling hoses are required, as these lines are gun-drilled directly into top clamp plate
  • -no side force/load on valve pins due to bolt-on design; perfect pin alignment
  • -active cooling provided through the back plate; no piping required in valve gate actuator
  • -available with Synventive 04C, 06E, CB* and 07E* nozzles

* - orifice restrictions apply, as PNC30 is designed for use with a 3mm valve pin. Contact Synventive for details.

>>Learn More on the 06E nozzle with the PNC30 actuator

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