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VEEM TRADING, s.r.o. offers new ejectors for FIPA vacuum technology

VEEM TRADING, s.r.o. offers new ejectors for FIPA vacuum technology

Ejectors play an important part in automation and are prefect for decentralized vacuum generation. We have updated our ejector portfolio and are introducing 4 new series of ejectors to cover a even wider range of applications.

Whether the compact but powerful FBM, the inline FGS for direct mount of vacuum cups, high-power FMC or multi-function MFE with predictive maintenance – our portfolio has the right solution for your handling challenge.

We introduce the new range of FIPA ejectors

FBM - Mini Multi-Stage Vacuum Ejectors
• High vacuum flow for its size & weight
• Silencer integrated

FMC - Multi-stage Vacuum Ejectors, vacuum flow 360 - 1260 Nl/min
• Enables short cycle times even with non-air tight product
• Ready to use, includes all necessary accessories

FGS - Heavy-duty Inline Vacuum Ejectors
• Directly mount G3/8 vacuum cups
• Light and robust aluminium body

MFE - Multi-Function Vacuum Ejectors
• All the functions you need in a compact design
• Reduces air consumption up to 95%

What is an Ejector?

Ejectors are the simplest way of generating vacuum and just require a compressed vacuum supply. They are usually mounted directly on the end-of-arm-tooling close to the vacuum cups for increased efficiency and improved cycle times. Simple designs are operated by switching the compressed air supply on/off, while more advanced products include valves and sensors to realize advanced functions (e.g. blow-off to quickly release the handled product with a short air pulse).

Functional principle
Ejectors work according to the Venturi principle and generate vacuum (V) from compressed air (P). Vacuum is created in the subsequent chamber as a result of the high flow speed after the primary nozzle. "Used" compressed air and suctioned air leave the ejector through the secondary nozzle. Either a silencer or an exhaust air duct can be connected to the outlet (Ex).


Do you want all the necessary information about the new FIPA ejectors? Contact us. We will be happy to explain everything you need to know and answer all your questions.

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