Thermal cleaning of metal parts & tools

Thermal cleaning of metal parts & tools

Working from their manufacturing headquarter in Germany, SCHWING designs, engineers, manufactures and markets the most advanced Thermal Cleaning Systems since 1969. Valuable experience resulting in industrial leadership and excellent processes with perfect results for the plastics and fiber industry.

For more than 20 years, the SCHWING Group has provided high quality contract cleaning services from different locations around the world.

More than 250,000 parts are cleaned for hundreds of customers every year. Having this experience and know-how provides strong application support for customers. 

Depending on the specific requirements or applications, different Thermal Cleaning Systems are available to remove organic contamination.

The complete range of equipment can handle component weights with more than 5,000 kgs (for example a blown film die head) with lengths up to 6 meters (e.g. nonwoven dies and screws). 

In order to obtain completely clean parts, special and carefully selected post treatments have been devised especially for complex parts like spinnerets, spin packs and hot runners.

The cleaning results are always checked and documented by precise process control, strict quality procedures and inspection techniques.

SCHWING has the complete know-how and total experience for all procedures required in thermal cleaning. Take this experience for all of your sophisticated cleaning tasks.


SCHWING Fluid Technik GmbH
Oderstrasse 7
47506 Neukirchen-Vluyn
Phone: +49 2845 930-0

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