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The company ENGEL present on Fakuma 2018 e-cap with even higher performance

  • 03.10.2018
  • Machinery & Equipment
The company ENGEL present on Fakuma 2018 e-cap with even higher performance

At the Fakuma trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, 16th to 20th October 2018, ENGEL will demonstrate a further reduction in cycle times for the produc-tion of caps. An all-electric ENGEL e-cap 2440/380 will be used to produce 26 mm caps, including tamper-proof bands made of HDPE, at a cycle time of under 2 seconds under realistic manufacturing conditions.

Optimised movement profiles allow for an increased output: The ENGEL e-cap 380 with 3,800 kN of clamping force can provide a dry cycle time of just 1.4 seconds.
The ENGEL e-cap is the only cap machine on the market providing all-electric operation with a clamping force range as high as 4,200 kN. At the same time, it is the most energy-efficient machine in its class. Despite its substantial output, the e-cap due to be showcased at Fa-kuma only needs around 0.4 kWh of electricity to process a kilogram of plastic granulate.

Fig. 1: Maximum output with minimum energy consumption: At Fakuma 2018, an all-electric e-cap 380 is set to manufacture 26 mm caps including tamper-proof bands at a cycle time of under 2 seconds. 

Integrated systems solution to unlock full potential
A 72-cavity mould from z-moulds (Dornbirn, Austria) will be used at the trade fair. As far as peripheral units, the exhibit will include a dry air system from Blue Air Systems (Kundl, Aus-tria) and a camera inspection system from IMDvista (Brügg, Switzerland). As a system solu-tions provider, ENGEL delivers fully-integrated and automated manufacturing cells around the world from a single source. Efficiency potential is maximised and overall energy con-sumption kept to a minimum where the injection moulding machine, mould and peripheral systems are properly coordinated from the start of the project.

Fig. 2: In terms of geometry, caps have reached the limits of lightweighting and therefore require greater pre-cision and repeatability than ever from injection moulding machines. 

Alongside energy efficiency, the all-electric e-cap machine's features include extreme preci-sion. This ensures the greatest possible number of good parts, even in the production of de-manding lightweight caps.
ENGEL at Fakuma 2018: hall A5, stand 5204

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