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Thailand - Special Guest Country MSV 2014

  • 10.09.2014

Thailand has always been known for its natural abundance as the old Thai saying “In water there is fish, in the field, there is rice.” Today, the nation is also an exporter of industrial products to ASEAN and Europe worth over 200 Billion U.S. Dollars annually.

Major exports that drive the sector's growth come from the automotive, electronics, and electrical appliance industries, making Thailand a very attractive destination for foreign investment.

In 1999, the Subcontracting Promotion Association was established in Thailand by a group of parts manufacturers from the automotive and electrical appliance industries as an opportunity for buyers and sellers to get together.   Members meet with factory clients nationwide from the automotive, machinery, and electronic parts industries. 

Members are comprised of the following 4 industry groups:

  1. Metal  categorized according to Casting, Stamping , Pressing, Machining, and other processes.
  2. Plastic, Rubber, and Polymer (CG : Plastic, Rubber, Polymer)
  3. Electrical Parts and Electronics
  4. Transportation, Packaging, and other services.

Events organized by the Subcontracting Promotion  Association benefit and lead to the development and support of manufacturing and services through increased members.  These alliances have strengthened the organization to today support all industries, becoming the  Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association in 2003.

With vision and dedication to expand and improve members' business network potential, manufacturing capacity, management, marketing, purchasing, and information systems to international standards. 

Our mission to members is comprised of:

  • Connect various institutes, agencies, and organizations both Private and Governmental.
  • Disseminate information, news, knowledge, academic findings, and useful activities to members.
  • Promote business transactions between members to jointly develop Whole Set products and meet customer requirements.
  • Receive association event privileges such as Factory visits, Seminars and training courses for added knowledge and increased competitiveness to International levels through training and certification of various industrial standards such as ISO 9000 and TS16949.
  • Be listed in the Association Directory and website.
  • Join product exhibitions in Thailand and abroad.

Promotional and marketing activities are performed for members through leading local and overseas trade exhibitions such as  SUBCON THAILAND, THAILAND AUTOPART&ACCESSORIES: TAPA, METALEX THAILAND, ELECTRONIC ASIA, HANNOVER MESSE, ELMIA SUBCONTRACTOR  and others on yearly basis. 

Trade exhibition support is provided by Thai government agencies such as The the Department of International Trade  Promotion (DITP), Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP),  and the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). 

The Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association also stresses the importance of ASEAN Economic Community network by signing Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with Asian Parts Manufacturer Associations from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, to name a few. 

All of this is the mission of  the Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association:  To be an intermediary in the promotion of Thai manufacturing subcontractors to increase capability as well as variety of products and services to become  A leading Global subcontractor… A One stop service provider to meet all demands of the world market.

Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association
Thai Subcontracting: World Supporting

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