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SIMONA showcases expanded product range at IFAT 2022

SIMONA showcases expanded product range at IFAT 2022

SIMONA AG will be presenting a range of new products at IFAT 2022 and has brought together its plastic solutions for water management and infrastructure in a dedicated business line.

New protective-jacket pipes with leak monitoring

SIMONA’s range now includes pipe systems with continuous leak monitoring. These pipelines for drinking water and wastewater play an important role in water conservation zones, for instance, because these areas need to be protected against contamination from, for example, faulty sewage pipes. The relevant regulations under German law also set a particularly high quality standard for pipes and require maximum protection against pipe damage to be in place.

SIMONA already boasts several tried-and-tested pipe systems that can also be used to transport wastewater safely through Grade II and III water conservation zones. However, its PE100 PSC RC line of protective pipe systems is taking protection to a whole new level. “PSC” stands for “PipeSystemControl”, and detectors integrated into the pipe generate a damage report immediately if the media pipe sustains any damage. This enables feed pumps, for instance, to be switched off straight away and any leak of media to be stopped instantly. Measurements from the sensors on the pipe even allow the location of the fault to be pinpointed and thus the damage to be fixed quickly.

With the PSC pipe system, SIMONA is complementing its product range with a smart option for conveying wastewater safely through water conservation zones in accordance with the requirements of ATV-DVWK-A 142.

SI flange connectors: ensuring maximum leak tightness and continued separability

Safety Intelligence (SI) flange connectors are another new addition to the range. With these, SIMONA has created a system that allows pipes to be connected to one another with a reliable degree of leak tightness while retaining the option to separate them again. What makes these connectors innovative is how the individual components are aligned with one another in exacting system tests that go well beyond standard component testing and thus guarantee maximum leak tightness over the long term. The SI solution also furnishes basic technical data on the various units to facilitate correct installation, while all fittings are suitable for their pressure class as mechanical connectors – tested in accordance with EN 12201-3.

ClearDuct™ cable protectors and XL pipes up to 1,000 mm

In the cable protection pipe segment, SIMONA will be unveiling its innovative ClearDuct™ model at IFAT. It makes laying cable protection pipes much easier and ensures that high-voltage cables can be drawn in without being damaged and without having to remove any weld beads first.

SIMONA has also added XL protective-jacket pipes with diameters of up to 1,000 mm to its range.
All in all, the plastics manufacturer from Rhineland-Palatinate will be presenting a whole package of new products and innovations to its visitors at this year’s IFAT, so its stand will be well worth a visit: Hall B, Stand 227/326

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