Caspro s.r.o.

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telephone:+421 55 678 0011

NIP: 36217662
VAT: SK2020049262

Company Description

Caspro s.r.o. - services and supplies of machinery, device and specific materials to plastic processors, but also to other industries.

Our long-term experience enables us to offer solutions for clients according to individual and specific requirements. Thanks to the over-standard relationship with foreign manufacturers and suppliers, represented by Caspro in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, we are able to develop a solution to your specific requirements.

In our assortment you will find machines and peripherals for the plastics industry, extruders and line equipments, screws and cylinders, pneumatic transport, gravimetric and volumetric blenders and dosing systems, silos, dryers, PTFE materials. We supply GMS (glycerol monostearate), metallised PET film with LDPE coating. We perform repairs of plasticizing units, resp. extruders and lines. We supply GMS (glycerol monostearate), metallized PET with LDPE film layer. We perform repairs of plasticizing units, extruders and lines.

Range of products / Services

  • Extrusion lines

  • Production and repasation of plasticizing cylinders

  • Pneumatic transport (vacuum and pressure) and dust separation systems for recycling technologies

  • Screw and spiral conveyors

  • Gravimetric multicomponent blenders

  • Gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems

  • PTFE / GF (Teflon-coated glass fibre) foils and tapes

  • Weighing forces systems

  • Resin dryers - molecular, hot-air, compressed air dryers

  • Silos, hoppers, bins, vertical mixers

  • Crushers for plastic waste for injection molds

  • Gneuss pressure sensors

  • Coumpands lines

  • Mills



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