Safety guarding new from ENGEL

  • 09.01.2019
  • Machinery & Equipment
Safety guarding new from ENGEL

ENGEL is a total supplier of system solutions with injection molding machines and automation. A key component is the free-standing safety guarding for the safe enclosure of robot applications as well as additional injection units or mold change systems.

Cell safety technology becomes more and more important

The current safety guarding was adapted in 2016 due to the new standard ISO EN 14120, which became effective then, and meets the minimum requirements. With the new safety guarding, ENGEL can now fully meet this increasingly important safety standard on the market and provide customers with a very appeal-ing, modular, and easy-to-install as well as maintainable solution.

It is important to inform yourself about this product intensively and to raise awareness about the necessity of standard fulfillment and the perfect solution by ENGEL. Many customers are currently using solutions from competitors who are not safe. ENGEL is also an innovative pioneer and stands for holistic certified and safe system solutions with space-optimized layouts.

Function / Benefit

Modern and solid overall impression - suitable for ENGEL machines and robots

  • transparent resistant polycarbonate-panes – do not crack
  • stable posts and panel frames – safe from the outside and inside
  • massive execution of doors – safe opening and closing
  • reduced and plane panels – inside and outside – easy to clean
  • upper, lower and vertical cable trays - flexible wiring

Total fulfillment of EN ISO 14120 – safe for operator and company

  • stable anchoring of posts to floor
  • metric screw connection of panels with posts
  • all-around adherence of polycarbonate and panel frame
  • interlocking construction for assembly of polycarbonate glass
  • reinforced upper and lower crossbar
  • reliable door with safety package
  • overhead protection designed for robot and payload as source of danger

Easy to install – one person only

  • anchoring of posts with two diagonal screws, height adjustable
  • attachment of weight-reduced panel with the help of a long hole
  • five easy-to-access metric screws per panel-side
  • transport and assembly aid for safety panels and doors for precise set up
  • accessible installation of electrical safety technology, easily expandable
  • easy mounting and fixing of upper, lower and vertical cable trays
  • consistent grounding concept
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