Quantum, new gravimetric blender from Piovan

Quantum, new gravimetric blender from Piovan

New generation gravimetric blenders Piovan helps improve the quality of performance of production lines and changing technical standards and applications, delivering exceptional qualities of flexibility, precision, safety and efficiency.

Flexible, safe and accurate


Expandable configuration: Quantum can be initially equipped with two dosing stations, to subsequently be expanded to three, four, five or six, by simply adding station modules. The control self configures depending on the number of stations installed.

Portability of dosing station from unit to unit: No more need of redundant dosing stations or unnecessary cleaning operations. The Quantum stations are interchangeable, facilitate materials management and eliminate ordinary maintenance.

Quick material exchange, spare dosing station: Colours can be managed by associating to them the respective dosing station. The cleaning operations at colour change are reduced to minimum.

Simplified cleaning operations: accessibility to weighing pan and mixer chamber is full. Both the weighing pan and the mixer shaft are removable without the use of tools. Speed of operation is guaranteed.

Improved homogeneity of the blend: Once the ingredients are accurately dispensed, a critical phase of the blending operation is the homogenization one. The new Quantum mixer, with its spherical shape and circular paddle shaft, provides total homogenization of the different materials with no risk of segregation or powder generation.

Suitable for all materials:  virgin, masterbatch, regrind, reprocessed, long fiber, filled or any particular granulometry, shape and bulk density, are elements characterising the vast range of materials to potentially blend. The very innovative design of Quantum allows the handling of any possible raw granular resin.

For machine throat mount: Quantum is the first gravimetric batch blender that is mechanically and electronically isolated from vibrations. One very critical element for the selection of the correct device to use, when blending is necessary, is the level of vibration of the processing machine, as the blender must ideally sit on it.

Precision and repeatability: Accuracy of blending is guaranteed also in those circumstances of excessive vibrations or moving of the processing barrel. Quantum can be equipped with remote mixer unit so to position the blender on a floor stand and install the mixer unit on the machine. Precision of dosing, homogeneity and repeatability of the ingredient ratios are so guaranteed.

Immune to vibrations.


Q7: The smallest of the Quantum line for capacity ranging from 2 through to 100 kg/h. The number of dosing stations can be 2 up to 4. The dosing devices can be slide gate or dosing auger (sul lato dx mettiamo il disegno tecnico con le dimensioni della macchina)

Q12: With capacity ranging from 20 through to 150 kg/h and a combination of 2 up to 6 ingredients. The dosing devices can be slide gate or dosing auger (sul lato dx mettiamo il disegno tecnico con le dimensioni della macchina)

Full accessibility


Standard: Quantum is a very compact, flexible, complete gravimetric batch blender boasting the very latest technologies and design for precise weighing and mixing.

On floorstand: all Quantum models can be installed on the machine feed throat or beside the machine on a floorstand. The larger models can also be configured for central production of blend and distribution to several users. All models and respective floor stands and modular and expandable.

With remote mixer: Quantum is designed to withstand all possible vibrations coming from an injection moulding machine or an extruder, however, in all those applications where the plasticising unit moves, Quantum can be equipped with remote mixer unit. The blend is produced by the unit on the floor and homogenised at the machine right before being processed.

Remote mixer unit: entirely made of stainless steel and perfectly replicating the unique and distinctive characteristics of the integral mixer of Quantum, the remote mixer unit can be placed on any injection moulding machine or extruder at any distance from the blender unit. One blender unit can feed more mixer units. The batch is entirely conveyed to the mixer unit every cycle, so to keep the ingredient proportions intact.

8” colour touch screen operator machine interface


Packaging: Multitude of processes 

Injection moulding, extrusion or extrusion blow moulding are processes that generally need different kinds of blenders.

With its Quantum range of gravimetric blenders and broad engineering capabilities, Piovan fulfills all requirements by providing the most suitable solution.

Automotive:  Global reach

Large corporations operating in the automotive industry have selected Piovan as their strategic supplier.

Localised production, coupled with service and sales capabilities, are of the essence to provide the expected solutions and back up necessary in such very competitive and dynamic industry sector as the automotive one.

Industrial & Electronics:  Sound know-how and expertise

With the most complete range of products and an in-depth knowledge and experience, Piovan engages close partnerships with its customers, for joint projects developments or for shared activities carrying strategic nature.

Building & Construction:  Equipment design

Continuous R&D and dedicated resources for the activities of solution engineering and customization of systems, is how Piovan maintains a solid foothold in the building and construction industry.

Local production sites, encompassing service and sales capabilities, are of the essence to provide state of the art and personalised solutions which support each and every necessity in such a competitive and demanding industry.

Textile: Productivity and uptime

Production processes requiring dependable auxiliary equipment are those characterising the textile industry.

Any extrusion application is represented by a continuous process of transformation of plastic, at considerable high rates and at conditions that require highly accurate control of mechanical and physical parameters of the raw resin, prior to being transformed into a finished product.

Furniture – Toys - Housewares: Flexibility, control and efficiency

General purpose applications must be carefully assessed when it comes to determining the most suitable set-up for rendering the production process profitable, efficient and sustainable.

A complete understanding of the objective the end product must achieve and the technology behind making it distinctive and unique, is what Piovan provides as a value added to the development and supply of the engineered solution for the processing equipment.

Medical & Pharmaceutical:  Safe

With 50 years of activity in the industry and the broadest range of products in the sector of the auxiliary equipment, Piovan values attention to equipment design, quality of any of the components utilised and safety of operation from any perspective.

Guarantee of performance with any Piovan product is expressed in a safe method of utilisation of the equipment and a secure result with any of the processes to be accomplished.

Recycling & Compounds: A great deal of performance

Ultimate technologies for the preparation of plastic materials and specific application-developed solutions, are the attributes of Piovan at the basis of providing  a response to the processes of recycling.

High performance machinery and controls of the latest generation, featuring the highest precision and accuracy of operation, are a must for the production of ultimate compounds.

All stainless steel surfaces for the broadest application capabilities


Dosing station: the innovative dosing device that equips every station of Quantum guarantees the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability. In comparison with the blenders currently in the market, Quantum reduces the error of dosing by 50% or more.

Mixer: high precision of dosing is worthless without an efficient mixer that can homogenize the blend to obtain the most precise and repeatable proportions.

Perfect homogeneity of the blend.


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