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  • Pulron thermoplastic powder coatings for metal surface treatment are available also in Europe

Pulron thermoplastic powder coatings for metal surface treatment are available also in Europe

Pulron thermoplastic powder coatings for metal surface treatment are available also in Europe

Pulron is the first thermoplastic powder coatings producer in Turkey. Becoming a popular brand in a short time as a result of professional and high quality service that is being provided, it increased production capacity and product diversity very quickly. For its excellent properties Pulron products are used in renowned companies and their availability has gradually spread to European countries.

Easy to suggest many users concentrating in a metal coating sector, mainly for solutions where high resistance to corrosion and years of gloss and colour retention is needed, our products are categorized under three headings, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polyamide.

Main sectors where Pulron thermoplastic powder coatings can be applied are listed below:

Domestic White Goods   Metal Fences    Battery Boxes
Hand Rails   Wire Work   Construction Projects
Marine Environments   Cable Trays   Automotive Parts
Street Furniture   Water Pipes & Tanks    Stadium Seating
Fire Extinguishers  

Due to specifity of product ranges, Pulron products can be applied with different grades such as Electrostatic Spray(ES),Fludised Bed (FB ), Flame Spray (FLS),Roto Lining (RL) and Flock Spray (FS). Pulron has seven different product ranges which are all developed to adress the needs of sector.

Pulron thermoplastic powder coatings 

Best coating for metal structures in harsh environments which is highly resistant to UV fading, bird droppings and peeling. Providing outstanding performance against salt, sand, water, UV, ice and impact degradation. Metal fences, marine environments, street furniture and lampposts, automotive parts , hand rails, playgrounds, cable trays are the few sectors where Pulron 101ES can be applied via Electrostatic spray,Fludisied bed, Flame Spray,Roto Lining and Flock spray methods.

201ES: Pulron 201ES has been developed to provide a long lasting, hard, tough coating for mild steel and aluminium. Provides a “harder” surfaces for general indoor and outdoor applications. Also can be considered as an alternative solution for dishwasher baskets. 201ES is a Polypropylene based product which can be applied for coating the street furnitures, stadium seatings and dishwasher baskets .There are 2 grades available for application, Electrostatic spray and Fludisied bed.

301FB:It’s polyamide 12 based thermoplastic powder which is specifically designed for coating of dishwasher baskets.  Resistance to hydrolysis during life cycle also good resistance to chemicals. Pulron 301 is applicable via Fludisied Bed method.

401FB: Specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, tough coating for applications such as welded mesh, grills and posts. Pulron 401 is a powder based on a blend of polyolefins and is supplied for the fluidised bed coating of wire articles which is particularly recommending for metal fence industry.

601RL-FS: Specifically designed and approved for internally lining fire extinguishers. Can be used for spin coating (RL) or by internal spraying (FS).Suitable for both liquid and foam-filled fire extinguisher's surface and perfectly resistant to foam product such as AFFF and provides appropriate coating for EN3 requirement.

801FB: Pulron 801 is a self adhesive powder based on a blend of polyolefins and is supplied for the fluidised bed coating of battery boxes.It provides electrical insulation, good resistance to acids and has good adhesion to metal and gives medium term weather and corrosion resistance steel substrates. For the ultimate long term weather and corrosion protection, we recommend our 101 series of products.

 PULRON thermoplastic powder coatings, metal finish

Features of Pulron thermoplastıc powder coatings:

  • Excellent environmental credentials – no VOCs, no TGIC, no plasticisers, no isocyanates, no halogens, no heavy metals
  • Fully UV resistant: Attractive, colour-stable finish that lasts for decades
  • Designed for marine applications: Corrosion resistant to long term salt, sea, sand and sun exposure
  • Hygenic: Slow rate of growth of mildew and fungus compared with other coatings
  • Flexible: Maintains flexibility even @ -60 °C
  • Strong finish: Impact and graffiti resistant        
  • Very good electrical and sound insulation
  • Easy to use: No requirement for a primer
  • Resistant to acids
  • Rapairable and Low smoke

We would kindly invite you to visit our website (www.pulron.com)  to get more information on product range, application areas and application methods.

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