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Polykemi now also in the US: We manufacture in three continents!

Polykemi now also in the US: We manufacture in three continents!

The Swedish / Ystad based company Polykemi AB can now manufacture and supply their customer adapted plastic compounds in three continents, Europe, Asia and now also North America. Polykemi’s philosophy is to be able to supply the customers with high quality compounds regardless of their location on the globe. That’s why we have researched the possibilities to have our compounds manufactured in USA. The process to find the right cooperating partner has obviously been extensive. After very intensive and interesting discussions are we happy and proud to be able to divulge that our new partner in the US is Omni Plastics in Evansville, Indiana, tells the CEO and part owner of Polykemi Ola Hugoson.

Polykemi and Omni Plastics are owner operated companies and have common goals and similar ways in the operations. Both Polykemi and Omni Plastics strive to evolve and to improve. Polykemi aspire to be recognized as ” A World Class Compounder” and offer, just like Omni Plastics, a high quality and service, emphasizes Ola Hugoson. Our way to operate at Polykemi correlates well with Omni Plastics. After evaluation- and benchmarking meetings in both USA and Sweden, are we certain of that this cooperation will lead to a positive development for both companies, says Ola Hugoson.

Owner operated companies

Polykemi is a family owned company with about 250 employees. At the head office in Ystad, Sweden, are the overall functions as sales, technical customer support, sourcing, administration as well as research and development found. A fully owned subsidiary for sales, sourcing and production is located in Kunshan, outside Shanghai, China, as well as subsidiaries for sales in Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. Furthermore does Polykemi have sales agents in Europe, the Middle East and also in Australia.

Polykemi AB

   From left: Mr. Greg Riedford (Vice president of of operations Omni Plastics), Mr. Johan Hugoson (Area manager Polykemi), Mr. Ola Hugoson (CEO Polykemi), Mr. Mike Wilson (National sales manager Omni Plastics) & Mr. Lars Hugosson (Vice CEO Polykemi).

Common values

Is it possible for a Polykemi customer to be certain that agreed qualities are met regardless of location in the world?

Of course! A Polykemi customer can rest assured that the agreed quality is the same regardless of the production location around the world. This is a great strength for us and an equally great security for the customer, underlines Exec. VP and part owner Lars Hugosson. Technics and technical development has always played a central role at Polykemi. To improve and develop the products and the production methods is a never ending process.

We have found that when Omni Plastics present themselves to the public, they do it from the same thoughts and philosophy as us, says Ola Hugoson and refer to amongst other these words: Omni Plastics, LLC combines state-of-the-art technology with unmatched efficiency to guarantee cost-competitive, high-performance thermoplastics produced to your exact specifications, and delivered on time.

No ownership – but a develop cooperation in the USA

We have no ownership in Omni Plastics, but through a well formulated agreement and a close day-to-day cooperation do we secure that the compounds manufactured in North America follow our original formulations and of course the quality specification, emphasizes Ola Hugoson. Through our partnership in the USA are we now able to fulfil our present – and future – customers’ demands on all continents. This is a natural development underlining that Polykemi is ”A World Wide Supplier”. We strengthen our competitiveness and see many interesting ways of development together with Omni Plastics, Polykemi’s Sales manager Mattias Persson points out. To facilitate for international customers subsidiaries in the US a new website for Polykemi Inc has been launched. Through this the US gets in direct contact with Ystad, states Lars Hugosson with a smile.

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