IMS-Drašnar s.r.o.

Semanínská 2090, 56002 Česká Třebová    Show on Map

telephone:+420 464 622 111

NIP: 25273396

Company Description

IMS-Drašnar s.r.o. develops and manufactures quality plastic products with high added value, designed especially for the automotive industry. They deal with product development, serial delivery, including the production of injection molds and final assembly.

We have our own tool factory, plastic injection room, and assembly room.

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions to our end customers – starting with product development, continuing with design and production of tools, ending with serial production of the final product.

The target market for our products and services is mostly the automotive segment.

The company participated to a significant extent together with the Development Department of Škoda Auto a.s. on the development of a patented part, which is a component of current cars produced by the VW Group. The license rights were also purchased by Daimler.

The cooperation between ŠKODA AUTO Development and our development construction comes from a whole range of currently manufactured interior and exterior components for Škoda Auto, AUDI, Volkswagen and Bentley cars.

They meet the most demanding criteria - ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 certifications and specific customer requirements (FORMEL Q Fähigkeit, Group A supplier)

They are members of the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce and the CSR Stakeholder Platform.


EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO IATF 16949

Range of products / Services

The pressing shop operates in a continuous production process 24 hours a day.
We process all of construction plastics except PVC.

Currently, our pressing shop is equipped with 18 ENGEL pillarless pressing machines, up to the maximum clamping force of 500 tons, with the maximum molding weight of 2 kilograms, two of them being a two-component pressing machines + two additional units babyplast, with which we are able to expand any 1K pressing machine to a 2K pressing machine.

Moldings for the automotive industry must meet high visual requirements, that is why we provide 100% check of the products on the place. Some semi-finished products are intended for further final assembly with high value added, delivered directly to Škoda Auto, Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT.

The deciding factor in winning new contracts for our company is our own tool room used both for mold and tool productionfor plastic injection in our pressing room. The tool room "under one roof" with the pressing room enables us flexible maintenance, prompt repairs and modifications of molds, tools and various assembly jigs.

In addition to hardened and processed steel, copper andaluminum alloys can be welded. Major repairs are performed using TIG (weld hardness up to 62HRC). We also offer machining after the welding - milling, digging, wire cutting etc.

- precise technical parts
- optical parts
- two-component moldings
- prefabricated assemblies
(we develop and manufacture our own assembly ji

  • Visual parts - Visual and design parts for car interiors and exteriors
  • Assembled kits - We assemble molding kits (plastic moldings, purchased textile or metal parts) using assembly jigs of our own production.

  • Precise technical parts - We produce technical moldings and D-components with very tight dimension tolerances.

  • Parts for coating or plating - Injection of moldings with high surface requirements, prepared for coating, in compliance with the strict demands for clean production environment and for protection of molding surface both during production, and during subsequent manipulation.
  • Principal products outside automotive industryAmong other products, we manufacture a protective polycarbonate shield for hockey players. This is our most demanding optical application; we have created a 3D model, manufactured the mold, and we press the moldings. After the final processing by BOSPORT company, these are used by world teams hockey players.

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