Fatra, a.s.

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telephone:+420 577 501 111

NIP: 27465021

Podlahové krytiny / Floor covering    
web: www.fatrafloor.cz
Izolační fólie FATRAFOL / Waterproofing membranes FATRAFOL    
web: www.fatrafol.cz
Technické vinylové fólie a svařované výrobky / Technical vinyl foils and welded products    
web: www.folie-pvc.cz
Nafukovací hračky / Inflatable toys     
web: www.efatra.cz/nafukovaci-hracky
Plastové profily / Plastic profiles    
web: www.fatra-profily.cz
PVC granulát / PVC granulate    
web: www.pvc-granulat.cz
BO PET fólie / BO PET films    
web: www.tenolan.cz
Fólie a desky z PE, PET a EVAC / Foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC    
web: www.fatra-extruze.cz
Vstřikované výrobky, vstřikování / Injected products, injection moulding    
web: www.fatra-vstrikovani.cz
Regranuláty, regranulace / Regranulate, regranulation    
web: www.fatra-regranulace.cz
PVC obaly / PVC packages    
web: www.pvcobaly.cz

Company Description

Fatra, a.s. is one of the biggest processors of plastics (PVC, PE, PP and PET) in Central Europe.

Fatra is a member of the AGROFERT concern associating strong entities linked to the agriculture, food and chemicals. AGROFERT, a.s. turnover, is today the largest group in the Czech agriculture and the second largest in the Czech chemistry.

Production and trade
Fundamental product group is a group of PVC and PO:

  • floor coverings and LVT floors under the brand LINO FATRA, IMPERIO, THERMOFIX, FATRACLICK, RS-CLICK, WELL-CLICK
  • roof, ground, pond and special insulating membrane  FATRAFOL
  • haberdashery and special soft PVC foils – transparent, coloured, cut
  • extruded profiles and tubing from PVC, PE, PP, ABS, TPE
  • PVC granules – soft PVC, hard PVC
  • BO PET - biaxially oriented polyester films and laminates – for flexible packaging and electroinsulation
  • foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC – antislip EVAC foils and PET sheets, insulating and special foils and sheets from LDPE and HDPE
  • injection moulded products – plastic tiles, plugs, crates + injection moulding on injection mould supplied by customer
  • inflatable products - inflatable seat and water toys, advertising items
  • welded products – bed inserts
  • thermoformed products – PVC packages
  • regranulate, regranulation
  • inflatable products - inflatable seat toys, advertising items

The most important market segments are:
• construction – PVC waterproofing/insulating membranes, technical foils, floor coverings (PVC floor coverings a LVT floors), PE sheets, wall covering, flooring accessories
• food  industry - foils, PVC packages (cups, containers, lids), BO PET films and laminates, plastic crates
• fancy goods -  PE sheets, PVC-P foils, extruded profiles
• footwear - extruded profiles and PVC granules
• hygiene industry - bed liners
• health care - special PVC foils , tubing
• consumer goods industry - PE + PET + EVAC foils and sheets, injected products, printed foils, inflatable products, multifunctional plastic tiles, tablecloths, plastic crates
• automotive - extruded profiles, PVC granules, PVC-P foils, foils for car mats




EN ISO 14001, ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

Our offer:

Automotive - into automotive industry we supply various technical interior foils and foils for car mats, extruded profiles and semi-finished products based on PVC granules for industrial processing.

BO PET - biaxially oriented polyester films are one of the best and most widely used materials for the manufacture of flexible packaging and electrical insulation.

PVC granulate - semi-finished products intended for further processing (extrusion, injection moulding, mould pressing, sheathing). It is made from a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and relevant ingredients according to the requirements of the final use.

Waterproofing membranes and systems FATRAFOL - we offer individual systems FATRAFOL for roof waterproofing (flat, slightly sloping, green), insulation of construction foundations, insulation of tanks, ponds and garden ponds - made of PVC membranes and other additional materials. 

PVC floors LINO Fatra, vinyl floor boards THERMOFIX and IMPERIO, floating vinyl floors FATRACLICK, RS-CLICK and WELL-CLICK - are traditional products of Fatra, that are intended into households and commercial premises.

Technical vinyl foils - Fatra is a producer of softened polyvinyl chloride foils (PVC-P). Our foils do not contain heavy metals and excel chemical resistance. Foils are suitable for the production of haberdashery, packaging purposes, for medical care (bed pads, changing pads) and special purposes. We also offer tablecloths and printed films for interior and exterior.

Foils and sheets from PE, PET and EVAC - among these products belong in Fatra anti-slip foils from EVAC, sheets from PET for loor protection, insulation sheets from LDPE and HDPE, embossed foils and sheets and warning foils from LDPE.

Injected products – we offer injection moulding  on injection moulding machines with clamping force: 420 to 1100 t. We offer multifunctional plastic tiles – on terrace, to swimming pools etc. We also offer protective plastic plugs - cover the winding rolls.

Welded products - inflatable advertising items, bed inserts and napkins, inflatable toys (seat, watter), blow up baby gym and inflatable mat for dogs, inflatable collars.

Thermoformed products - cups, containers, lids – formed from unobjectionable non-plasticized PVC foils.

Extruded plastic profiles– we extruded from a variety of materials (PVC, PP, PE, TPE, ABS), physical-mechanical properties, shapes and colors. We offer profiles, edges, tubing for construction, furniture, automotive and consumer industries.

Regranulate, regranulation  -  we offer regranulates of polyolefins, granulation of the delivered / purchased waste.


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