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Company Description

The company Šlechta a.s. was founded on 28th of April 1997. In the field of technical and high gloss polishing, laser engraving, laser welding and surfacing the company has been providing first class services to all its customers and business partners right from the beginning.We also offer mould service and repairs.

With our more than 50 employees, we are the biggest company in Czech Republic performing polishing and welding of steel- and aluminium moulds.

Our goal is to achieve continuously high quality for our customers satisfaction, as well as to expand the range of our services.

Šlechta a.s. is certified according to the regulations of ISO and our quality management system meets the standard CSN EN ISO 9001:2009


ISO 9001

Range of products / Services

High gloss polishing»

This surface treatment is performed by polishing of moulds made of steel, aluminium, stainless steel and AMPCO. Our customers are the automotive industry (reflectors – high demands to the accuracy and geometry of the shape) , the cosmetic industry (high demands to the accuracy and sharp edges) , the medical industry (high demands to the dimensions of the to be polished material) as well as optical applications. For you, as our customer, we can finish your parts up to the high gloss polishing. The high gloss polishing is a surface finishing process, which requires minimum roughness and highly decorative appearance. Especially the technology of high gloss polishing can fulfill these requirements. High gloss polishing of various surfaces, either simple or complex shapes is performed gradually from a coarse up to the finest surface finishing using various abrasive materials. Finally the high gloss is achieved by using diamond pastes of different grain. One of our options is the so-called plane polishing and lapping e.g. for CD racks.


Sandpaper polishing»

Sandpaper polishing demanding surfaces of different shapes and forms are performed in different quality classifications according to the agreement and our customer´s requirements. Examples are surface preparation for further processing – like texturing, as final polishing requirement for moulding of plastic parts which are to be spray painted. In general, sandpaper polishing is also used to enhance good release of the parts during plastic injection or die casting processes, copper and graphite electrodes preparation for fine finish sparkling. We offer sandpaper polishing for moulds made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper and cast iron components. Of course we stick to the dimensional and shape accuracy of the polished parts. We can handle mould up to 25 tons in our premises, bigger parts are polished at the customer site.


Laser engraving »

Part of our portfolio is laser engraving by fibrous laser. This precise modern method replaces hand engraving with conventional tools and eroding. Between classical engraving and laser technology there are in fact huge differences. Laser engraving is characterized by perfect accuracy and unprecedented speed. These features allow us to create flawless products at a fraction of time compared to other techniques. Laser engraving is very well suited for metal electrodes, ejectors, punches, and for injection moulds. We are using two quality fibrous lasers to create the marking or the actual engraving of the specified pattern or motif. Our lasers can create engravings in 2D and 3D. One of our lasers is mobile. Thus we can engrave also in places difficult to access as well as big tools directly at the customer site.


Laser welding »

Šlechta a.s. offers its customers laser welding at the highest possible quality. It is the state of the art welding method available on the market. By laser welding we can achieve best results even with very small nominal forms. By using the above mentioned method one can carry out repairs and maintenance of machines or tools. Cutting-, punches-, pressing -, injections and other tools are getting quickly worn out, depending on the frequency of usage. By means of laser welding it is possible at maximum precision to repair them and keep them in good technical conditions. Unprecedented accuracy in applying material on very small and fine surfaces ensures the method of laser welding a leading position in this field. Laser precision takes certainly major benefits, since the form does not suffer any damage by heat, because the surrounding structure is not affected. The laser operates only in the desired and separated area. Therefore the laser welding technique is so popular and in great demand. We offer this service coupled with mobile laser welding without regard to the weight of the part to be welded, and the subsequent manual processing to restore the original shape. As the laser method shows so high accuracy it is very popular. Our employees are highly qualified. They work quickly, accurately, and always according to your wishes. On customer request we are able to work in three shifts and increase the capacity up to 48 hrs / day.


Other services »


The accuracy of the processed surfaces of precision moulded parts is measured on our 3D- ZEISS measurement machine, roughness and contour measurement, to ensure the required quality. Appropriate measurement reports are included.



We offer suitable training for tool makers, polishers and maintenance personnel for moulds and tools.


Mould service »

Repairs of production moulds, sealing parting lines, optimization of staggered edges in the shaped cavities, change data fields – laser welding, final polishing and new engraving. Repair of damaged texture – in cooperation with professional companies. Surface preparation for coating. Plane polishing and lapping, for example, standards for coating. Lapping of O-ring for valve, block for printers.



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