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ML Polyolefins presents GRAYFIN PPH30 - dark grey recyclate polymer

ML Polyolefins presents GRAYFIN PPH30 - dark grey recyclate polymer

The ML company offers a range of GRAYFIN products with MFI up to 30. Dark grey polymer is a response to the customer needs, especially for the manufacturers who are looking for high flow injection polypropylene from post-consumer waste. With the release of this product the company presents a new, refreshed offer.

According to ML`s information, among the well-known products from portfolio of the company, several innovative formulas have appeared in the offer. It is worth mentioning that homopolymers are still the main part of this list. The range of the high melt flow index products has expanded which can be interesting to all companies specializing in injection molding. The range of extrusion and thermoforming products is now more clear.

The CEO of the company presents new brands emphasizing the most important changes: It is known for all our customers that black regranulates always dominated our offer. I am glad that responding to market expectations we can introduce dark gray PP homopolymer with MFI up to 30. This new brand under the name GRAYFIN has been successfully tested in our own and external service laboratory in which we decided to do preliminary research including processing properties. Our technologists did a great job developing the recipe and it is evidenced by the fact that some customers receive regular deliveries, says Tomasz Mikulski.

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Other products are praised by the commercial director Krzysztof Nowosielski in his speech: „In addition to the mentioned GRAYFIN product range the offer includes a black regranulate BLACKFIN for injection, with MFI parameters up to 30. PLASTFIN, the light black and more economic version also found its place in the homopolymer family. Additionally we offer extrusion materials from the STRAPFIN family and THERMOFIN recyclate used in thermoforming (all of them are black). We care about all customers and to do so, we continue with our polyolefin mixtures that are available in the portfolio under the names BLENDFIN and POLYFIN. I am sure that such structured offer will be more favourable to the existing and potential customers, especially that initial consultations received a positive feedback,“ he concludes.

ML Polyolefins team announces future premieres of new products on the company`s 20th anniversary. Despite the difficult situation on the plastics market, the recycling production atML`s factory prospers smoothly and all deliveries are carried out as planned.

The list of ML Polyolefins products and technical data sheets can be found and downloaded here.

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